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Matthew Caley
(Matthew Hobson)
How Dish Wing - Decomposing Philip Larkin


The Poetry Society Cafe

December 15, 2003 - January 23, 2004

project origination and curation

This exhibition, comprising 24 individual pieces at A3, on a custom-made shelf, was staged as one part of a three-month period as Poet-In-Residence at The Poetry Society of Gt. Britain. There were selected performances of individual pieces on the opening night.

How Dish Wing poster

24 Artists, Writers and Designers "de-compose" one poem each from Philip Larkin's final collection, High Windows, reconstituting the entire book through a series of different procedures: the reply poem; the OULIPO-influenced tactic of taking a text’s letters and re-ordering them to create a new text; an English/Spanish/English translation using an Altavista Babel-Fish translator; the list poem; drawing; geriatric handwriting; the loose science of annagramic mis-hearing; the "rhyming" of contemporaries Larkin and Burroughs through the "cut-up" technique; a cod-Petrarchan sonnet; post-Prynnian Cambridge School or L-A-N-G-U-A-G-E or post- L-A-N-G-U-A-G-E poetics; un-heroic couplets; text into image; text and image; poets producing visuals and prose-writers writing poems - all manner of merger and hybridity across disparate and "different" practices.

Slideshow: Matthew Caley - How Dish Wing

Thus the exhibition becomes a critical engagement with the work of Philip Larkin -both as individual poet and symbol of English poetry’s failure to engage with Modernist, never mind post-Modernist conditions.

Artists/writers including: Fiona Banner, Andrew Brewerton, Dave Beech, John Beck, Simon English, Andrea Brady, John Roberts and John Timberlake.

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