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Matthew Caley
(Matthew Hobson)
The Scene of my Former Triumph

Authored book

Wrecking Ball Press
ISBN: 1-903110-29-7
99 pages

full length poetry collection

The poems in The Scene Of My Former Triumph address the notion that "poetry is dead" - or at the very least, is not being written out of current conditions but still in some pre-Modernist, never mind post-Modernist paradigm, that this inherent conservatism at its core - that Andrew Duncan attributes to a kind of middle-class depression, to being an island race, seems present even in its more lively practitioners who still argue for old ideas of "form", "honesty", "truth" and the special case for poetry - the book tries to develop a poetry alive to these questions. The poems are individually and collectively born out of a Saussurean approach to the unstable link between the signifier and the signified; they parody the Romantic paradigms adopted by past and present poetics; deal with information overload, intertextuality, and explore the liminal borders between the false opposition of the urban and the pastoral - particularly between urban myth and the myth of pastoral escape.

Some of the poems were originally developed as part of a series of collaborations with artist Stephen Nicholas, for example The Family and Jut Passing Through; ABBA CD received Special Mention in The TLS/Blackwells Competition 2003. Low Maintenance Roof Garden won 3rd Prize in The National Poetry Competition. Other poems have appeared in numerous magazines and websites.

The Scene of my Former Triumph - selected pages

Selected reviews:

Kathryn Maris: Poetry London, issue 50, 2006

Mark McGuinness: Magma, Summer 2006

Niall O’Sullivan: Wolf, issue 11, November 2005

Please also refer to hardcopy item for this output.

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