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Matthew Caley
(Matthew Hobson)
Pop Fiction: The Song in Cinema

Edited book

Intellect Press
ISBN: 1-84150-084-4
192 pages

co-editor: Steve Lannin

Pop Fiction’s unique essays individually consider one song within a cinematic context. Previously, the use of the pop song on compiled soundtracks had not been given serious consideration or has been seen only in commercial terms. The book intends to address this by offering a close examination of these two most persuasive and significant mediums in a deliberately narrowed focus. The collection introspects, assembling the pop song into various guises and documenting how individuals dissemble the multiple roles that the pop song plays in all and one audio-visual moment. The song as: ghost, role-play, memory-trigger, narrator, marketing device, translator, alienator, membership-rite etc. Its contributors are drawn from a wide range of disciplines, bringing specific discipline interests to bear - thereby exposing differences and similarities between contrasting fields of study. Psychoanalytic paradigms, Spectatorship, Marxist and post-structuralist theory, gestalt psychology, intertextuality and poetic structures are all brought to bear in different chapters. By this approach Pop Fiction begins to propose a "science" of analysing the use of the pop song in contemporary cinema - a branch of the wider science of Image/Text/Sound studies.

The volume is co-edited by Caley and Lannin; who also wrote the introduction and one essay each of the 12 essays. The other contributers are: Anahid Kassabian, who wrote The Foreword, Jeff Smith, Phil Powerie, Ian Inglis, Robynn J Stilwell, Morris B Holbrook, Dave Beech, Miguel Mera, Elizabeth C Hirschman, John Roberts and David Toop - who each contributed one 5000 word essay.

Launched at the London School of Music, July, 2005.

Pop Fiction: The Song in Cinema - introduction

Selected reviews:

Louise O'Riordan: Scope, issue 8, June 2007 (University of Nottingham)

Deborah Allison: Screening the Past, issue 19, March 27, 2006

John Munny: Cambridge Journals, Vol 26 (2), Cambridge University Press, May 2007

Please also refer to hardcopy item for this output.

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