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Annabelle Hartmann


Design-A-Qee 2004 Expo
UK Designers Edition
Newburgh St, London

April 2005

a 2" vinyl limited edition collectible toy

I have designed a limited edition toy - the Eskimo Qee, as a further development of my research into characters as a carrier to deliver narratives.

This project forced me to apply predominantly two-dimensional techniques to a three-dimensional object with moveable parts. The toy itself had to tell the entire "story" without the luxury of a mood-setting background.

The design was connected to a competition involving the customisation of a three-dimensional 2" plastic toy of five different base shapes. My focus was to re-interpret the existing plain object as an illustrated character, rather than decorating the surface with a graphic pattern. After experimenting with five different figurative designs and subsequently submitting these, the Eskimo design was selected as a winning design and included in the UK Designers Edition series of toys produced in China and distributed worldwide.

This design was featured in Clutter Magazine and is available in stores across London

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