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Annabelle Hartmann
Urban Characters & Other Stories


The Coningsby Gallery

November 8 - 19, 2004

work: approximately 30 pieces

Urban Characters flyer

My research into storytelling continued by focussing further on imagery, but this time as the only means to communicate a narrative. I investigated the "snap shot" as a form of storytelling by introducing a range of illustrated urban characters in combination with photographic backgrounds. These urban scenes contained a number of seemingly random pictorial "clues" to be picked up by the viewer and to be constructed into an ambiguous narrative of their own interpretation.

The urban characters gave the illustrations their focus as, although they depicted random people, they are essentially constructed from a sum of actual visual observations of people in everyday life. These urban character stories were expressed using a range of different media. Apart from producing large-scale digital canvas prints, I also screen printed them on fabric, i.e. T-shirts, and a limited edition of handbags. Furthermore, I investigated and experimented with digital transfer techniques to apply these stories to enamelled tableware. This ceramic range was subsequently exhibited at ONE DECO, London.

This research was supported by Research Capability Funding via London Metropolitan University.

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