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Annabelle Hartmann
As Big as a Mountain

Authored book

ISBN: 1843650010
32 pages

author and illustrator of a children's picture book

My fascination and research into character driven storytelling resulted in the children’s picture book As big as a Mountain of which I am both the author and illustrator.

The book creates an imaginary world for the young reader to join in, by introducing the main character, Little Prince Carl, but also appeals to adults by evoking memories of early childhood experiences. The narrative unfolds over 12 full double-spread illustrations with text.

Although most children’s picture books use only a maximum of 2000 words, the challenge was to write a short story that leaves considerable "space" for my imagination to be expressed through the imagery without becoming too basic. The illustrations as a result complete the story, with the pictorial elements taking on the vital role of communicating the visual context.

To create the illustrations I used strong colours, and experimented with woodcut in combination with digital image manipulation.

I have developed and refined my own individual print making technique that uses the typical texture of woodcut, but also allows for a quicker working method through the combination with mono print. Each print is a one-off and originals are approx. 100 x 50 cm in size.

Concentrating on only visual elements essential to the story, I was able to avoid unnecessary detail and to apply my individual visual language as an illustrator and storyteller.

Four original prints from the book have been exhibited in my first solo show in 2004 at the Coningsby Gallery, London, one of which has been sold to Per Ragnar Mokleby, Norway.

As Big as a Mountain has been published in the UK, South Korea and Japan.

Please also refer to hardcopy item for this output.

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