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Paul Harper
Process Works

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Process Works Catalogue
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January 2007
ISBN-10: 0955437911

a catalogue essay

Process Works catalogue

A catalogue essay to accompany an exhibition featuring jewellers Helen Carnac, Lin Cheung, Katy Hackney, Helene Turbe and Susan Cross. The exhibition, curated by Helen Carnac and Ruth Rushby of London Metropolitan University, set out to explore the central role of process. The participating makers reflected on what they understood by "process", beyond the technical or mechanistic.

For the essay I conducted interviews with the participants in their studios. The interviews revealed very different approaches to making, but a consistent sense of process as something that is, in a sense, endless and continuous with other aspects of the maker's life. I speculate as to how this notion of process, embodied in the maker, and intimately connected to the making space and the context of making, can be seen as forming part of the content of the work.

The essay also reflected on the role of the exhibition and the value of makers curating their own work and that of their peers. This has become an established part of practice for fine artists and has done much to create a greater understanding between artists and galleries/professional curators, and to give artists a clearer sense of their audience. It has also helped artists to better realize their own vision for their work and to foreground what they believe is important in their practice.

The exhibition, interviews and essay relate to my research in seeking to understand practice through practitioners' own explications and to the dialogue that has been facilitated by the research group Practice and Voice.

The project was consistent with my on-going enquiry: Epistemology and research methods for craft; the documentation and analysis of practice; theories of language and meaning with regard to art and craft; the purpose and meaning of craft in contemporary culture; the reflective practitioner.

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