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Nick Haeffner
In This (Mediated) World: Realism, Dialogue and Pedagogy in Media Studies

Journal article

International Journal of Applied Semiotics
vol. 6(1)
December 2007
ISSN: 14880733

pp. 65-78

This article continues themes established in previous research to do with the relationship between academic criticism, industrial practice and creativity. Like my other outputs, it challenges dominant terms used in the study of visual culture (post-structuralist theory, ideology critique, interpretation of the text) and suggests new avenues for research.

The article investigates the possibilities of a dialogue between a theorist (the author) and a screenwriter (Tony Grisoni) where pragmatic issues of making are considered in relation to broader theoretical issues such as realism and cultural difference. It asks, what happens when the claims of theory are offered up for dialogue with a practitioner?

The research uses the method of dialogue/interview to obtain new knowledge and understanding. It also asks whether this dialogue might be helpful in bridging the current gap between theory and practice in teaching.

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In This (Mediated) World: Realism, Dialogue and Pedagogy in Media Studies

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