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Nick Haeffner


Graduate Centre
London Metropolitan University
and touring

November 30 - December 3, 2005
touring in 2006 - 2007

project founder, co-curator, catalogue editor, content consultant

RePossessed website

RePossessed is a travelling new media exhibition inspired by Alfred Hitchcock’s film Vertigo. The starting point for the exhibition is the question of what happens to notions of authorship and possession in the age of interactive new media where artists and digital amateurs are able to appropriate artefacts produced by auteurs such as Hitchcock?

This initial enquiry has generated subsequent research questions such as: how much public re-use of corporate owned film footage is permitted by law?; can women artists bring new perspectives to existing ways of looking at a Hitchcock classic?; what happens when visitors to the exhibition are given the chance to remake a classic?; can eye tracking technology be used to shed new light on old debates about the gendered gaze in Hitchcock’s Vertigo?

The project makes use of a range of research methods including practice led research conducted through the artists' films; computerised data collection using eye tracker technology and RFID tags. These methods generate data which will be analysed and used as a response to questions about gendered spectatorship.

My contributions to the catalogue and to the exhibition have explored new ways of configuring the relationship between theory, practice and creativity in order to challenge dominant ideas about the analysis of visual culture - themes which are present in my other outputs.

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Nick Haeffner - project founder, co-curator, catalogue editor, content consultant.

Chris Lane (London Metropolitan University) - co-curator, software designer, exhibit designer, exhibition co-ordinator.

Tony Cryer (London Metropolitan University) - co-curator, content consultant.

Souli Spiropoulou (London Metropolitan University) - artist, contributed a film to the exhibition.

Anne Robinson (London Metropolitan University) - artist, contributed an installation to the exhibition.

Che Guevara John (London Metropolitan University) - co- curator and VJ (Watermans only).

David Raybould and Richard Stevens (Leeds Metropolitan University) - contributed eye tracking exhibit to the exhibition.

Slideshow: Nick Haeffner - RePossessed

Touring exhibition:

November 30 - December 3, 2005: London Metropolitan University, Graduate Centre; five pieces exhibited.

September 11, 2006: Mindplay, Queen Mary College; three interactive artworks from RePossessed exhibited.

November 2 - 12, 2006: Leeds Metropolitan Gallery; ten pieces exhibited; talk given on November 8.

RePossessed at Leeds Metropolitan Gallery

March 10 - April 22, 2007: Watermans Arts Centre; seven pieces exhibited; talk given on April 14.

RePossessed at Watermans Arts Centre

A presentation on RePossessed was given to staff and students at Bristol University at the invitation of Jon Dovey, Reader in Drama, Film and TV.

Article in Vertigo magazine

Please also refer to hardcopy item for this output.

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