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Nick Haeffner
Alfred Hitchcock

Authored book

Pearson Books
ISBN: 0582437385
125 pages

Alfred Hitchcock First Edition flyer

This book is a critical study of the director and his films. It asks whether dominant approaches to Hitchcock’s films such as auteurism, feminism and psychoanalysis are adequate to account for the significance of the Hitchcock phenomenon in culture.

The approach taken in the book is to locate different discourses about Hitchcock and his work in relation to different audiences such as industry professionals, cinema audiences, fans and critics. Thus the meaning of Hitchcock and his films is shown to flicker across different institutions in different historical moments.

The book relates to my other research in its concern with the relationship between critical discourses, the culture industries and creativity where a similar meta-critical perspective has been adopted in order to highlight the nature of the creative process as one embedded in a constant "trialogue" between industry, audience and critical discourse.


Chapter 3. Fascinating Design: image, nothingness, sound and silence

Chapter 4: Realism and The Wrong Man (1957)

The book has the subject of two journal reviews:

Australian online journal: Screening the Past

Hitchcock Annual, 2005-06, Hitchcock Annual Association, New London, NH, USA

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