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David Gates
Lost For Words: Developments in a New Language

Conference contribution

New Craft - Future Voices
Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design
University of Dundee

July 8, 2007

proceedings: pp256-262, ISSN:1899837558

read the full paper:

Lost for Words: Developments in a New Language

This paper was delivered at the major international contemporary craft conference of this year.


Keynote speakers included Paul Greenhalgh (Director, Corcoran Gallery, USA), Jorun Veiteberg (Norway) and Sandra Alfoldy (N.S.C.A.D., Canada).

Programmed in the Craft Intelligence strand, the paper posits a view that with rare exceptions the nascent discourse around contemporary craft largely addresses agendas central to Design History and Material Culture rather than establishing routes of communication between and of practice, to further a platform of making and intelligence. This situation can be shown to have historic links to education, class, the limitations of language and entrenched western philosophies, notwithstanding the reticence of many practitioners to engage in fuller debate.

This paper sits within a field of current practice based research addressing questions of language, communication and craft intelligence.

New Craft - Future Voices website

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