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Javier Garavaglia
Spectral Colours for ensemble and electronics


8th Art & Technology Symposium
Connecticut College

March 3, 2001

composition for ensemble (Fl, Ob, Cl Bb, Bass Cl Bb, Tr in C, Horn, Trombone, Perc, Piano, 1st & 2nd Vl, Vla, Vcl, Double Bass) and electronics
duration: approximately 12 minutes

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programme notes

Spectral Colours can be describer as a "spectral" cluster-piece, in which the "spectral" clusters are built from an additive system, with the colour of the individual notes changing permanently. From its contextualization, it can be circumscribed among those pieces composed by the so-called "spectralists" like Gèrard Grisey.

The main original characteristic of the piece is that of deriving the materials from the pre-produced tape part and the idea of changing colours in an evolutionary yet static structure. Both tape and instrumental parts fuse each other acoustically more than stand against each other.

The compositional procedures for Spectral Colours were outlined in the paper:

Composition principles for Spectral colours for Ensemble and tape (1996)
8th biennial Symposium for Art and Technology: Feedback-perception and interaction in the electronic arts
Connecticut College, New London, CT, USA
March 2001
proceedings: pp. 61-66

Feedback programme

For the performance in 2007, a completely new automatic diffusion system was programmed in 5.1 surround sound. This system is part of my research in automatic diffusion since 2005. My latest acousmatic piece, Pathétique, 2006, is stereo in its original form, but can be automatically diffused by max/msp in an octophonic or 5.1 surround set, like the tape part in Spectral Colours.

In common with much of my research, this item is a musical composition, in the tradition of contemporary music (Ensemble and Tape music in this case).

The piece was composed and produced in 1997, but was performed for the first time in 2001.

Public performances of Spectral Colours:

March 3, 2001: 8th Art and Technology Symposium, Connecticut College, New London, CT, USA
Ensemble Connecticut College conducted by Michael Adelson Electronics: Javier Garavaglia

August 27, 2007: ICMC 07 Immersed Music (International Computer Music Conference), Den Sorte Diamant, Queen's Hall, Copenhagen, Denmark
Ensemble Ars Nova (Sweden) conducted by André Chini Electronics: Javier Garavaglia

ICMC concert programme

Please also refer to hardcopy item for this output.

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