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Javier Garavaglia
Granular Gong for Octophonic Tape (acousmatic composition)


10th Florida Electroacoustic Music Festival
University of Florida

March 30, 2001

composition for 8-track diffusion set
duration: 13:48

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programme notes

Granular Gong explores and experiments with the following subjects:

- the creation of pure synthetic metal-like sounds with Chowning FM: a physical modelling technique developed by me in 2000-2001 using Csound, and then varying and combining them with other synthesis procedures like Phase Vocoding (involving both time-and-pitch shifting), spectral mutations and convolution (multiplication of two different spectra), but mostly Granular Synthesis (therefore giving the name to the piece), trying to use this particular type of synthesis in an original and new way, attaching the type of synthesis to all formal structuring as well.

- large crescendo structures, resolving their inner tension in different sounds. Very loud and very soft moments are an essential part of the very structure of Granular Gong and build the essentials of its music dramaturgy.

- the movement and rotation of all these sounds in a space or room. Therefore the original version was composed for an 8-Track diffusion set, which is the best performance possibility.

In common with much of my research, this item is a musical composition, in the tradition of contemporary music (electroacoustic - acousmatic in this case).

Public performances of Granular Gong:

March 21, 2001: New York University Studio F, USA

March 22, 2001: Le Frak Recital Hall, Queens College, New York, USA

LeFrak Concert Hall programme

March 30, 2001: 10th Florida Electroacoustic Music Festival, Black Box Theater, University of Florida, USA

10th Florida Electroacoustic Music Festival programme

August 31, 2001: Festival SONOIMAGENES 2001, Auditorio de la Universidad de Lanús, Buenos Aires, Argentina

March 4, 2002: Frederik Loewe Theatre, New York University, USA

September 4, 2002: Ear-popping sounds, Theater im Depot, Dortmund, Germany

March 3, 2003: Twisted Multimedia Concert, Berklee College of Music, Boston, USA

November 27, 2003: KKC, Universität Essen. Electronic Department N° 2 - J. A. Garavaglia - "Dedicated to ... Die Reihe für experimentelle Klangerzeugung des Asra Kulturreferats und die Gesellschaft für neue Musik Ruhr"

Electronic Department N° 2 programme

January 30, 2004: Akademia Muzyczna im. Fryderyka Chopina, Studio S1, Warsaw, Poland

June 26 - September 30, 2006: Piece selected for the ISCM World Music Festival 2006, Stuttgart, Germany. Performance broadcast 70 times on DEGEM WebRadio

Piece published on commercially available CD:

Sonoimágenes - Festival Internacional Sonoimágenes 2005 Volumen 1
Colección Sonidos y Visiones del SUR - Música electroacústica de compositores nacionales e internacionales
© and (P) 2005, Universidad de Lanús, Argentina

Please also refer to hardcopy item for this output.

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