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Javier Garavaglia
NINTH (music for viola and computer)


9th Art & Technology Symposium
Connecticut College

February 27, 2003

composition for viola and max/msp
duration: approximately 12 minutes

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programme notes

This is a piece for only one instrument and computer interaction and the first one in which I applied the concept of "automatic live electronics", which I further developed in the pieces Ableitungen des Konzepts der Wiederholung (for Ala), 2004, and Hoquetus, 2005-6, for Viola and Tarógató respectively.

The main research concept was explained in two papers:

NINTH for Viola and max/msp
MITTEILUNGEN 44 of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Elektroakustische Musik (DEGEM)
February 2003
ISSN: 1435-5884
pp. 57-63

Abstract: NINTH for Viola and max/msp

An approach to Music's dramaturgy with the interaction of technological devices: A composer's review of NINTH (music for Viola and Computer) (2002) for Viola and max/msp
9th Biennial Symposium for Art and Technology: Transparent Technologies
Centre for Arts & Technology
Connecticut College
New London, CT, USA
February 2003
Proceedings: pp. 68-77

9th Biennial Symposium for Art and Technology website

The research was also presented extensively in the conferences Sonoimágenes, 2005, Argentina (held in Spanish) and Mindplay Conference, 2006, London Metropolitan University (Automation in Playing Live-Electronics: Composition with computer real time processing: different proposals)

Mindplay website

The compositional materials (sounds, rhythms and pitches) were taken from Bruckner's 9th Symphony in D minor (third movement - Adagio). The composition for the viola part was worked with advanced techniques and mostly all the pitches are played as flageolet sounds. The computer part was entirely programmed with max/msp. Extensive details about the piece can be found in the published papers. Also the relationship between technology and music’s dramaturgy is discussed briefly on them both.

Some original electronic DSP processes on this piece include the Sample and Hold random generation triggered by the Amplitude of the incoming Viola signal and the random multiple delays. In common with much of my research, this item is a musical composition, in the tradition of contemporary music (electroacoustic - computer interaction in this case).

Public performances of NINTH:

March 22, 2002: 11th Florida Electroacoustic Music Festival, Black Box Theatre, University of Florida, USA

11th Florida Electroacoustic Music Festival programme

June 17, 2002: Festival Musica Nova Sofia 2002, Studio 1, Bulgarian National Radio

August 29, 2002: Festival Sonoimagenes 2002, Universidad de Lanús INET, Buenos Aires, Argentina

October 11, 2002: 4th NWEAMO Festival, San Diego State University, USA

February 27, 2003: 9th Art & Technology Symposium, Connecticut College, USA

March 3, 2003: Twisted Multimedia Concert, Berklee College of Music, Boston, USA

March 13, 2003: MAXIS II 2003, CCCH Concert Hall, University of Leeds

June 27, 2003: London Metropolitan University

July 6, 2003: Scarborough Electro-Acoustics (SEA 03), PS1, University of Hull, Scarborough

November 16, 2003: OPEN Systems 2003, Folkwang Musikschule, Tanzraum, Essen, Germany

February 19, 2004: London Metropolitan University

November 13, 2004: ZKM Institut für Musik und Akustik, ZKM_Kubus, Karlsruhe, Germany

July 7 - September 18, 2006: Piece selected for the ISCM World Music Festival 2006, Stuttgart, Germany. 46 broadcast performances on DEGEM WebRadio

November 11, 2006: ICMC06 (International Computer Music Conference), Concert XVI, McAllister Auditorium, Tulane University, New Orleans, USA

ICMC06 Concert XVI programme

November 15, 2006: Recital Hall, School of Music, University of North Carolina in Greensboro, USA

University of North Carolina concert programme

November 19, 2006: Fulton Hall, University of Chicago, USA

University of Chicago concert programme

February 3, 2007: KlangWelten - Spezial 1+1=4: Musik für Instrumente und Lautsprecher, Glaskasten, Berlin, Germany

please also refer to hardcopy item for this output.

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