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Marianne Forrest
Sculptures and Timepiece at The London Business School


London Business School
permanent display

August 10, 2006

work: The Tourist - two sculptures; Cede - sculpture; Chronometer - timepiece

The London Business School commissions form a group of objects that span ideas of time, growth and locality. Each of the objects has its own setting independent from, but related, both in ideas and visual reference. Each was commissioned separately and yet they are a distinct group with related images and ideas.

The Tourist

The Tourist consists of two sculptures in two Atrium spaces with themes of London shown on arcs of acid etched Glass suspended within domes of Aluminium. The images are primarily of modern architecture.

Chronometer is a world timepiece with pendulum and spheres, made from etched glass with highlighted gold. The hands drape down over the dome necessitating a three dimensional usage of the timepiece.


Cede is a piece commemorating the generosity of the London Business School's Patrons. Cede represents growth and will itself grow with additional funding and expanding with the passage of time. The colours and the way in which the leaves hang also reflects the passage of the seasons.

Slideshow: Marianne Forrest - London Business School commission

The consistent theme with all these pieces comes with the repeated use of a particular curve and the idea of time passing. The Tourist with its forms of sunrise/sunset, the Chronometer with its revolving planets and direct marking of the passage of time and Cede with its images of growth and the seasons.

Each of these works is site specific and intended to be viewed separately. They sit within the same building and share characteristics, yet they are not intended to be viewed as a group.

Marianne Forrest Artefacts at the London Business School

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