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Marianne Forrest
Portishead Timeline


permanent display

January 11, 2006

two sculptures: The Mariner and The Wedding Guest; series of polished spheres placed along Portishead Timeline

Part of the Portishead Timeline project, The Mariner and The Wedding Guest are sculptures designed for the new urban development. They link the old High street to the quayside with light lines and spheres marking the path between the four metre high sails. The Mariner displays huge silhouettes backed by illuminated glass sails like the giant wings of an Albatross stretching to the sky. The wedding Guest is a solitary sail with a moon-like orb at its base. The inscription on both sculptures is from the Rime of the Ancient Mariner by Samuel Taylor Coleridge.

A key feature of Portishead is its expansive sky. To highlight this there are several huge polished spheres placed along the lit timeline running through Portishead’s new development. These Spheres reflect the sky, bringing it down to ground level. Essentially a piece about regeneration and hope, the sculptures both celebrate and link the town with the sea.

The piece is defined by the setting and demonstrates an involvement with its environment as part of its central theme. The proximity of the sea, a recurring thematic subject through all Forrest's work, is key to the success of the piece within its context and for its purpose within the community.

In order to emphasise a link with the past as well as looking to the future the work displays text both familiar and evocative around the base of the sculptures. The link is essential to completeness for all work undertaken as it forms a thematic rhythm through all projects, large and small. The sculpture is now on permanent display in the centre of Portishead and forms a major landmark for the community.

Port Marine Public Art

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