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Steven Follen
Home Sweet Home


British Council Touring exhibition
Europe and Australia

February 23, 2001 - January, 2003

work: two new vessels, participation in associated public talks

As a Studio Metalsmith working in steel one of the driving forces in my work is a desire to expand the range and understanding of the potential of metal, to work with a hard material in a more sensitive way, to discover new ways of building and making and to develop different surfaces and qualities in the material. When we draw we investigate, we explore, we interpret and in order to understand more and explore the potential of the material, I approach metal in the workshop from the perspective of wanting to draw with it.

Stockholm flyer:

My work has developed from the wider traditions of the Applied Arts and bridges the areas of crafts, fine art and design. Some pieces refer to or suggest function, others are pure form, volume, colour and composition. The key issue is that of investigation of the material and the desire to discover new potential and increase understanding; to celebrate what may be a unique quality that exists within that material. An interest in process, the way that we make and construct objects and how we invent with material has led to the development of coiling with steel wire. The process allows for subtle forms in which the surfaces are inherent to the structure of the object; everything fits and is not "applied".

Limited research has been made into the colouring of ferrous metals and my work explores this area combining surfaces developed from the construction process with colours which emerge from the material.

I reference historic collections and landscape as inspiration for the works, these I develop through "drawing" with graphite and paper as well as metal into the forms I make.

I was invited to submit work for the exhibition and took part in a series of lectures and seminars associated with the show:

Home Sweet Home: Contemporary British Design for the Home, British Council Touring exhibition:
Kulturhuset, Stockholm, Sweden - February 23 - April 15, 2001
Øksnehallen, Copenhagen, Denmark - May 2 - June 10, 2001
Object Galleries, Sydney, Australia - March - April, 2002
RMIT Gallery, Melbourne - June - July, 2002
Queensland University of Technology, Art Museum - October 2002 - January 2003

Home Sweet Home catalogue - Sydney / Melbourne

read a review on the Craft Culture website

Series of international lectures and forum:

The "available" well designed object National Design Forum: Challenging the sacred, Sydney, Australia, April 2002.

Object Galleries Design Seminar

Participation in Design Meeting, British Design Seminars, Sydney, Australia, April 2002. This was a broad public discussion on design issues between invited leading British and Australian Designers.

Process, sources and inspiration, British Design Seminars: Home Sweet Home, Sydney College of the Arts, Monash University, Melbourne, Australia.

Design Forum flyer

Exhibition Publication:
Home Sweet Home - Contemporary British Design for the Home - Exhibition catalogue and directory with introduction by Lesley Jackson.

Part of British Design Season, Stockholm, 2001 - a promotional booklet and directory.

British Design Season catalogue - Stockholm

This outcome was also disseminated at the exhibition What is Craft?, The Hub, Sleaford, Linconshire, October 2003 - January 2004.

read more on The Hub's website

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