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Neil Ferguson
Imagine/Image II


Neil Ferguson Imagine / Image
Fondazione Baruchello

September 10 - October 2, 2005

residency, exhibition and round table event
directed by Carla Subrizi

This project hosted by the Fondazione Baruchello in Rome constituted the second stage of the IMAGINE/IMAGE project launched in 2003; the first stage being an event and symposium held in London in May 2004 where Baruchello’s work was exhibited.

Neil Ferguson Imagine / Image press release

Stage 2 was structured around Neil Ferguson’s residency and aimed to consider rule-based systems through large series of images addressing how imagination is exercised and what these imaginings display.

How do we play with sense and non-sense?

The series produced were viewed as displays of time that allowed a chronological shifting of thought and influence through "wee thoughts", shaping decisions as Rhizomes offering free movement, able to multiply, a:
"Multiplicity of approach, creating further multiplicities",
"Tracings of memory and antimemory, with multiple entryways and exits".
(Deleuze & Guattari, A Thousand Plateaus, Athlone, 1988 - Rhizome

The series of thousands of small drawings and paintings were presented in the Fondazione Baruchello premises alongside students projects completed during their time at the Fondazione. The residency concluded by hosting a "Tavolo rotondo" open to the public inviting discussion and dialogue on image and imagination.

Slideshow: Neil Ferguson - Image/Imagine II

Themes considered were: What can an image do? Where do images stem from? What do images subsequently set in motion? What does serialising allow? What methods and strategies are best applied to capture series of thoughts? How can artists influence the perception of images?

The IMAGINE/IMAGE project aims to broaden its cultural dialogue by producing a joint publication entitled Imagine / Image to be published in 2007 as part of the Fondazione Baruchello FB collection, Derive Approdi editions.

Residency Diary

Imagine / Image in Nero magazine

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