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Neil Ferguson

Edited book

Baruchello Foundation and London Metropolitan University
ISBN 978-1-899764-92-1
111 pages


co-authors: Gianfranco Baruchello, Linden Reilly, Chris Smith, Carla Subrizi

The publication was co-produced by the Fondazione Baruchello and London Metropolitan University as part of the Baruchello FB collection.

The publication is the third stage of the IMAGINE/IMAGE collaboration project launched in 2003. It is intended as a "discussion work" with Baruchello and Ferguson with major contributions that also involve the other collaborators, Carla Subrizi, Chris Smith and Linden Reilly, in outlining actions and dialogue over the collaboration.

The publication has the specific aim of extending the discourse to involve other contributors on image and imagining to move towards an international conference in London in 2008/9.

The first stage of Imagine/Image was an event and symposium, supported by texts on imagining, held in Unit 2 gallery at LMU, London in May 2004. Stage 2 followed in a similar manner in October 2005, with Neil Ferguson’s residency, accompanied by an exhibition and symposium at the Fondazione Baruchello in Rome.

The Imagine/Image publication was designed to be read from both ends to centre upon two sets of questions from each side. The LMU contributions assert the stance that imagining needs alignment, that the act of "doing imagining" needs a medium.

This raises diverse questions about what models of questioning are relevant to developing new conceptions of imagination in art practice. If imagining is an activity what are the conditions of its development, it’s "training"; and its education? What considerations can be given to the embodied nature of imagining?

The collaboration was formed around dialogue and conversation. It did not seek a definition of the imagination but rather practical insight, understanding and experience. The publication establishes cultural differences in the manner that image and imagining are theorised through different artistic, social and educational backgrounds.

Imagine / Image in Nero magazine

Please also refer to hardcopy item for this output.

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