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Susanna Edwards
Lost to View

Digital or visual media

Tate Britain

November 3, 2006

multi-media installation
co-authors: Iain Sinclair, Katharina Koall, Martin McGrath

Lost to View is a multi media installation edited by Sinclair and representing a co-authored research project undertaken by Susanna Edwards, Katharina Koall and Martin McGrath. This presents a form of visual navigation through Iain Sinclair's book London: City of Disappearances (2006).

The piece uses words and images to provide a secret reading of London, bringing together different media including illustration, photography, letterpress, drawing and animation in a digital presentation. The artists illustrate selected references from the book which linked to people, places, buildings, objects, memories, quotes and actions.

The final outcome represents through time-based media a visual book of disappearances, memories and photographs, through time and location. Within the project, the following themes are explored: Geography, Memory, Zones, Psychogeography, Mapping, Navigation, Objects.

Individuals from the contemporary art, film and literary worlds also contribute stories, edited by Ian Sinclair into thematic zones. These include J.G Ballard, Steve Beard, Tibor Fischer, Patrick Keiller, Rachel Lichtenstein, Chris Petit, Will Self, Marina Warner, Ben Watson, John Welch.

view the film on Susanna Edward's website


Panel Discussion: London vs. Suburbs, Museum of London, November 14, 2006, speaking with Billy Bragg, Joe Kerr, Richard Wentworth, Iain Sinclair & Tobias Hill.

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Conference paper: Lost to View at Great British Design? conference, St Bride Library, June 1, 2007.

view conference programme

Screenings at Sir John Soane Museum and Tate Britain, November, 2006.

Lost to view at Tate Britain

Published by Hamish Hamilton, 2006.

Lost to View will be further exhibited in 2008 at Tate Britain.

Design reviewed in Design Week, November, 2006.

Please also refer to hardcopy item for this output.

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