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Staff News: November 2011

Congratulations to the following BA Fine Art tutors!

The BA Fine Art tutor Maryclare Foa obtained her doctorate from UAL Camberwell this summer, having worked for her PhD since 2005. Her thesis was on drawing in response to the outside environment. Maryclare is also writing a book on the democracy of drawing through multi- and cross-disciplinary practice and is teaching drawing systems.

The BA Fine Art tutor and curator Bridget Crone has just accepted an artist residency over the Australian summer at Monash University in Melbourne, returning in March. Bridget is teaching exhibition presentation.

Following the internal advertisement circulated to all Faculty staff in August, the BA Fine Art tutor Deej Fabyc was shortlisted, interviewed and selected for the full-time 0.2 position at the Cass as PAA to the Furniture and Textile Design cohorts. Deej is teaching video installation and professional practice.

The BA Fine Art tutor Ben Cain returned from Norway this summer where he had a month's artist residency at the Hordaland Arts Centre in Bergen.  Ben is teaching introductory study, studio practice and final project.

Nottingham Castle Museum has just won the Contemporary Art Society's annual "commission to collect" prize of £60,000 (funded by the Sfumato Foundation) for the BA Fine Art tutor Christina Mackie's proposal of a major new sculpture work there. The artist Cornelia Parker presented the prize to museum staff and Christina last Monday. This is the UK’s only award that supports contemporary art entering public collections through a new commission. Christina also has a two month solo show at Chisenhale coming up in January. Christina teaches final project.

The BA Fine Art tutor Bob and Roberta Smith has produced one of the posters for the 2012 Paralympic Games poster series along with 11 other artists including the Cass alumna Tracy Emin. Images of the work will be displayed in a free exhibition at Tate Britain next year, held as part of the London 2012 cultural festival. Patrick teaches studio practice and final project.

The BA Fine Art tutor Andrew Hewish has returned from curating his drawing show Anschlussel in Berlin at the Fruehsorge Gallery in Heidestrasse next to the Hamburger Bahnhof museum. The show includes drawing work from artists such as Hockney, Auerbach and Peter Blake and runs until Dec 17th.

At the Whitechapel Gallery on 2-3 Feb, the BA Fine Art tutor Jo Longhurst has organised the 2-day artist's symposium On Perfection in collaboration with the Photographer's Gallery and the eCPR at UW Newport. A group of international artists and writers whose lens-based practices engage or disrupt ideas of Perfection, will present works which question how such ideas shape our personal identities and our social and political systems. Jo teaches introductory practice and final project.

The symposium and exhibition Shadows of Doubt: A psycho-geographic enquiry into the childhood of Alfred Hitchcock features the BA Fine Art tutor Spencer Rowell's photographs in collaboration with David George. Spencer teaches photography.

The BA Fine Art tutor Frances Richardson has just finshed a solo show at Trinity Contemporary in Mayfair, featuring a characteristic space-specific walk-in drawing I-beam to walk through. Also on show were her unfunctional objects Boxes for thinking about opening, made of MDF, augmented by pieces of “tape” made from porcelain. Frances teaches sculpture.

There's a solo show of the BA Fine Art tutor Mike Stubbs' paintings at Laurent Delaye in Mayfair until Christmas. Mike makes big abstract paintings on the floor, pours household eggshell, gloss paints and tinted floor varnishes over ready-made adhesive stencils, peels these off when dry and repeats the process again and again to develop both an optical and material layering effect. Mike teaches painting.

The BA Fine Art tutor Andrea Medjesi-Jones has just returned from installing her show Correspondenzen in the Backestrasse 4 Gallery in Vienna, as part of its Platform for Young Artists Programme curated by Silvie Aigner. Andrea teaches painting.

The BA Fine Art sculpture technician Fred Gatley currently has work on show at Ceramics Now in the Milton Gallery at the famous St Pauls School and is selected for Ceramics Art London, the UK's main event for the best in modern studio ceramics, at The Royal College of Art in Feb 2012.

The architect, publisher and BA Fine Art tutor Gordon Shrigley currently has a show Love is Colder than Death, a six-year investigation into drawing and the language of line at Cass alumna Lindsey Friend's gallery IMT in Cambridge Heath Road. Gordon teaches drawing systems.

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