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Bob & Roberta Smith
(Patrick Brill)
Make Your Own Damn Art

Authored book

Black Dog Press
ISBN: 1904772242
186 pages

Make Your Own Damn Art is a survey publication of the work of Bob & Roberta Smith with foreword by German curator Horst Griese, and a conversation with the artist and critic Matthew Collings.

book launch flyer:

The text by Griese, a curator who has worked with the artist, examines Bob & Roberta Smith’s methodology by highlighting key works; the critic Matthew Collings discusses the artist’s themes involving humour and creativity.

The artist believes in the idea of "democratic art", thereby provoking the audience to engage with making "their own art". The book sets out how it is possible to Make Your Own Damn Art. It is a dynamic tour through the life and mind of Bob & Roberta Smith.

Make Your Own Damn Art - selected pages

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