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Dipti Bhagat
On the Fringe

Edited book

Site Projects
ISBN 978-0-955437-3-9
18 pages

A catalogue of essays and images for the project On the Fringe, October 2006 - September 2007 and the subsequent exhibition, On the Fringe 14 - 21 September 2007.

On the Fringe was a collaborative design project at London Metropolitan University between six designers - textile, interior and multi-media designers - that sought to explore the possibilities of a digital craft practice.

I was Academic Convener for this project. As such I convened and edited a collaborative catalogue for the Exhibition, On the Fringe, for which I have written both an introductory essay on digital craft and an essay in response to the work of multi-media designer Janette Harris, East End Daydream.

The introductory essay addresses the specific theoretical concerns of the research project, that is to consider how design process and object is affected through shifting hand-crafted design to digital processes. It considers then, the cognitive, physical and aesthetic impact of digital processes on the designers, the processes of their making and their designs/objects. This essay addresses the imagined and micro-geographies of digital processes and technologies and reflects on how this site for design creativity might be explored.

The essay East End Daydream, like other outputs, is concerned with design and place: it responds to Janette Harris’s designs to locate her digitally designed habitats in East End spaces.

Both essays sought to consider the developing relationship between craft and digital technologies, increasingly key in the design sector.

The full catalogue is available to view on the On the Fringe website

This editorial and essay work led me to present an introductory paper at the Digital//craft International European Textiles Network Conference held at London Metropolitan University, 14 - 17 September, 2007.

please also refer to hardcopy item for this output.

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