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Jane Barnwell
Making a Killing

Digital or visual media

Asylum Entertainment

March 2002

film design

As designer for this British independent feature film, Jane Barnwell sought to endow a small budget psychological thriller with big budget qualities, in particular by "revamping" the same space for each new setting required.

The revamping technique has been used by the studio system not just within a film, but for recycling a house used in one film for another production. A staircase and other architectural features or props that can thus be traced through studio pictures and form a fascinating narrative in themselves.

Barnwell's location had limited architectural options, but she was able to creat domestic interiors, shops, offices, police cells and interrogation rooms. She exploits repetition of key architectural details to accentuate ideas in the narrative, while keeping others out of the limelight.

Colour is used playfully in the design where each character is identifiable by their unique colour palette. The London Underground is the inspiration for this colour code, where certain colours combine (Metropolitan, Hammersmith & City & Circle Line) and others intersect at key stages in the journey.

Distributed by Asylum Entertainment, the film is in UK Blockbuster and available internationally.

Please refer to hardcopy item for this output.

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