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Nicolas de Oliveira
Travelling (Light)

Book Chapter

Capitalism and Schizophrenia
Turner (Madrid, Mexico City)
ISBN: 84-7504-619-4
pp. 57-60


editor: Stefan Bruggemann

The texts in this book on the Mexican artist Stefan Bruggemann were written by Nicolas de Oliveira, Hans Ulrich Obrist, Pedro Reyes and Alexandra Garcia. De Oliveira has collaborated with the artist on a further two available publications, Off, 2006 and Obliteration Series, 2007, and he is currently writing the main text and editing a major monograph on Bruggemann, to be published by JRP Ringier (Switzerland) in Spring 2008, to coincide with his solo exhibition at Kunsthalle Bern.

The text is one of the outcomes of a long-standing working practice with the artist who first exhibited at the Museum of Installation(MOI) London (co -directed by de Oliveira and Nicola Oxley) in 1999. Subsequent projects curated by de Oliveira/Oxley and featuring Bruggemann’s work included No Programme (2001) and Box Project (2000-).

Additionally, the outcome also represents a key interest in emerging Latin American art; de Oliveira has co-curated (with Oxley) a series of exhibitions of artists from Mexico (Jetset, 2003), Colombia and Brazil (1999) in London, and also in Mexico City (The Vanishing City, 2001 and Identity Fiasko, 2002, at Programa Art Centre).

The body of research culminating in the above texts concerns itself with the relationship between language and space. While much of installation art is seen as "immersive" or "experiential", Bruggemann’s work eschews this premise, preferring to emphasise the representational value of language in art. The challenge for the writer is to develop a textual methodology to examine artworks whose presence is manifested at the level of the metaphor, rather than as physical representation: in short, to write about what is not present.

Please also refer to hardcopy item for this output.

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