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Jane Barnwell
Production Design: Architects of the screen

Authored book

Wallflower Press
ISBN: 1903364558

The role of the designer in film is relatively neglected. This book uses original material in the form of interviews and insights from leading British Production Designers:

Christopher Hobbs - Jubilee, 1977; Edward II, 1991; Velvet Goldmine, 1998
Stuart Craig - The Elephant Man, 1980; Notting Hill, 1999; The Avengers, 1997; Harry Potter, 2001
Malcolm Thornton - Oliver Twist, 1999; Vanity Fair, 1998; Tipping The Velvet, 2002
Kave Quinn - Trainspotting, 1996; Layer Cake, 2004

The book covers key practical and theoretical issues in relation to the role of the production designer in film, exploring the role through a historical overview that signposts key moments in screen design. Stuart Craig, Production Designer on all Harry Potter films to date, reviewed the book:

"For anybody curious about the history of production design and for designers interested in the preoccupations of predecessors and peers, this book is more comprehensive than anything before - masses of research and opinion analysed with real insight and understanding."

This book has contributed to the small foundation of work around the field of film design and has been recognized by international scholars as a valuable addition.

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Jane Barnwell, Production Design: Architects of the screen

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