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Susan Andrews
Black Dogs


Gallery On
Seoul, Korea

April 4 - May 6, 2007

work: 14 framed Lambda prints with accompanying texts

exhibition flyer:

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This work explores the changed perceptions of those who have experienced depression. Each subject has been photographed from behind in landscapes or open spaces of significance to them. But the landscape that offers solace is meaningless in the depressed state and compounds the subject’s isolation. The back of the individual refers to the hidden aspects of self but also bestows anonymity, reflecting perceived prejudice associated with the condition.

Alice Miller states in The Drama of Being a Child that Narcissus is deceived by his own reflection, "since it shows only his perfect, wonderful face and not his inner world, his pain, his history. His back view, for instance, and his shadow remain hidden from him; they do not belong to and are cut off from his beloved reflection."

The camera, which has become a tool that enables the minute analysis of our physical appearance, is seen as both enemy and friend. There is opportunity for examination and self-understanding but the mirror that it holds up encourages self-consciousness and critical analysis that can distort perception. In these photographs, the camera looks at the subjects but no gaze is returned, they remain detached from the photographer and audience, inhabiting their own space, eschewing the inevitable scrutiny of the lens.

The texts that accompany the photographs are supplied by those photographed, in response to the question, "How do you see yourself when you are depressed?" It operates in conjunction and opposition with their image and reflects a dissonance between reality as perceived by others and personal experience.

Slideshow: Susan Andrews - Black Dogs

An artist’s lecture was held at the gallery on April 14 2007. The exhibition toured to a major hospital in Seoul. Some of the work was also exhibited at Space TwoTenTwo, London in November 2004.

Artvent no.24, 2007
Korean T.V., April, 2007

A touring exhibition is planned and the work will be developed as a book.

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