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Assa Ashuach
AI Light (Digital Forming), FLY.mgx Light


Rabih Hage Gallery

September 21 - October 18, 2007

work: six pieces, including the AI Light and the Fly Light

Developed from earlier research such as Osteon Chair and OMI.mgx, this project extends the use of artificial intelligence within product design through the inclusion of behavioural software within the final artefact and the extension of user interaction within design choice. Products continue to be designed & manufactured through new technologies and selective laser melting.

The AI Light was exhibited as part of the solo exhibition, Transforms, at the Rabih Hage Gallery, London in September 2007.

visit the Rabih Hage website for documentation of Transforms

read more about the Transforms exhibition here

The AI Light includes artificial intelligence software & technology that sense space through five different sensors. Using a biologically inspired mechanism, this structure morphs and generates new behaviours in response to the user’s space. The product uses five senses (or digital sensations) to track and detect changes in its environment and interact with its owner.

the AI Light

Through studying its environment, the product evolves a set of behaviours that dictate a unique character (through five data variables) to each light. The user is able to interact with the light through sounds, light and movements.

Slideshow: Assa Ashuach - AI Light

FLY.mgx Light, manufactured by Materialise MGX, is an extension of earlier research (OMI.mgx). This table/floor light can be manipulated into infinite positions to alter the diffusion of light and sculptural presence. The object behaves like a type of a biological mechanism and can be manipulated by the user to reflect mood and environment.

the FLY.mgx Light

Slideshow: Assa Ashuach - FLY.mgx Light

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