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Assa Ashuach
Osteon Chair and AI Stool

Conference Contribution

Time Compression Technologies 2007

September 26 2007

paper: Digital Forming: Making of the Osteon Chair and AI Stool
co-author: Dr Siavash Mahdavi

These research processes and outcomes were disseminated as an invited conference contribution at the TCT conference 2007.


Digital Forming

Time Compression Technologies conference website

The Osteon Chair is an intelligent product grown in free space with an artificial intelligence "DNA" code. This code contains all the information required to ensure that the object will transform from a virtual design into a 3D object that achieves the optimum strength whilst maintaining the desired visual aesthetic.

The AI Stool.mgx is designed to carry a significant load (120kg) on a small sitting surface within which the final design induces an upholstered effect. The final outcome met all requirements utilising 1/3 of the anticipated material.

the Osteon Chair

Slideshow: Assa Ashuach - Osteon Chair

This project challenged existing technology requiring code and software updates to realise outcomes. The AI software developed in collaboration with Dr. Siavash Mahdavi, works as finite element analysis [FEA] in reverse (end results formulated as a starting point and optimal structure designed backwards).

As well as the TCT Conference, this project has been disseminated through the exhibitions Digital Explorers: Gravity and Glow, Metropolitan Works, 2006 and the Shanghai Biennale and was presented at the Israel Museum conference and at Digitability Bloomberg conference, in 2006.

Designs cited by PRW, Engineering, New Design, Eureka, Prototype, AutoDesk, Blueprint, Creative Review, Design Week, Financial Times, Times, FX, Icon and Uhmepbep

This research was produced during a Visiting Research Fellowship at London Metropolitan University (2005-6), software research collaboration with Dr. Siavash Mahdavi of Complex Matters.

Funding support by EOS, Metropolitan Works, Autodesk and Materialise.MGX.

the AI Stool

Slideshow: Assa Ashuach - AI Stool


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The Osteon Chair also featured in the Autodesk calendar 2007:

Autodesk Calendar 2007

related outcomes:
Tomoko Azumi: Digital Explorers: Gravity and Glow

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