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RAE 2008

fine art


Susan Skingle

BA (Hons) Fine Art
MA (RCA) Printmaking

Senior Library Assistant Slides and Images

RAE Outcomes

Research interests
Fine Art Studio practice sculpture, drawing and printmaking; how materials might be chosen and used to depict ephemeral subjects or to represent everyday adages; the construction process, in particular the repetition of fragments as a demonstration of the investment of time; historical art collections as source material; collecting and methods of display, re-scaling and containment.

Practice-based research

2007 - Collective Response, The Guildhall Art Gallery, city of London. A London Group exhibition of new work in response to the permanent collection at the Guildhall Gallery.

2006 - Collect Transform Repeat, The Michael West Gallery, Quay Arts, Newport, Isle of Wight, with Elizabeth LeMoine and Clare Qualmann. An exhibition of artworks and source material demonstrating the life of ideas from conception through production.

2003 - Weather Store at MakeUp, Spitalfields, London . New sculptures of climate-related subjects arranged as a shop-window display.

2003 - Royal Academy of Art Summer Exhibition, London. Ephemeral subject matter and solid materials.

1999 - Arnet (curated by English Heritage), The Ranger’s House, Greenwich, London. New sculpture created in response to William Larkin’s seventeenth century portraits.

1998 - Axis Mundi Art, Chateau de Duras, Lot e Garonne, France. Sculpture in an historical setting.

1998 - Built, Alex Baxter, Clerkenwell, London. A group exhibition of artworks with architectural references.

1997 - Wall Reliefs and Sculpture, The Space, Isle of Dogs, London. Constructions made using map fragments, reliefs and reinterpretations of earth-globes.

1996 - A Semblance of Order, Sutton House (National Trust), Hackney, London. Small-scale constructions made from building materials installed in a Tudor house.


Collect Transform Repeat with Elizabeth LeMoine and Clare Qualmann, Site Projects, London 2006 (ISBN 978 0 9554379 08)

Professional membership

The London Group of Artists

London Metropolitan University