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Camila Sposati: Talk To Me
photo: Camila Sposati

Veronica Diesen


Bergen Kunsthall, Norway
and other venues around Bergen

October 12 - November 4, 2001


Lovesick, an international exhibition curated by Veronica Diesen and Crispin Johannessen, addressed the theme of love in contemporary art. Love was here not only understood as the grand narrative of romantic love pertaining to a spiritual emotion that springs up between a man and a woman.

It was as such not the great display of love that played the principal part of this exhibition but rather a more minor and complex understanding of love, which can imply everything from desire, eroticism, sex, attraction, intimacy, narcissism, bi- and homosexuality, longing and the sense of loss. This can furthermore be set in a likewise complex relation such as the mass media's treatment of the issue, the development of new technologies and what impact this has had on the role of intimacy, and so forth.

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Olof Bjornsdottir: Massage makes the people come together
photo: Bendik Johnsen

The exhibition took place in several different locations in Bergen city centre: Bergen Kunsthall, gallery Fisk, gallery Temp, gallery Flexibox and gallery Ekko. In addition, Lovesick featured two different performance programs, one for the opening at Bergen Kunsthall and another for Club Landmark on October 13, with performances by Olof Bjornsdottir (Iceland/UK), Monika Ross (UK), Anita Ponton (UK) and Gillian Carson (Norway).

There were more than 35 artists involved in this project and the main focus was on video and film, performance and installation art. Some of the artists were Fabienne Audeoud (UK/France), Sabine Glasser (Denmark/Germany) and Camila Sposati (Brazil).

Monica Ross: Act of Love (Norwegian Translation)
photo: Bendik Johnsen

Slideshow: Veronica Diesen - Lovesick

All the invited artists produced works around the themes of love, sex, intimacy and emotions in different ways. The British based artist Monika Ross for instance, presented a new work for Lovesick called Act of Love (Norwegian translation) . For the entire duration of the opening she copied into the virtual space of computer files Walter Benjamin's essay The work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction. She made a copy of a translation in Norwegian, a language she has no knowledge of, using a Wacom pad. Act of Love accumulated into a series of computer scripts or digital drawings that were then hung on one of the walls of the gallery.

The Brazilian borne artist Camila Sposati showed the video Talk to Me, a three minute long video that was filmed from a police helicopter over Sao Paolo through the daytime and into the night. The surveillance pictures of the cityscape were accompanied by a soundtrack of a dialogue between a man and a woman spoken in Brazilian Portuguese.

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