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Elizabeth LeMoine / Clare Qualmann / Susan Skingle

Collect Transform Repeat

This research project is about the processes involved in making artwork. The first presentation will be at The Michael West Gallery, Quay Arts Centre, Newport, Isle of Wight from 4 November 2006 to 14 January 2007.

Elizabeth LeMoine is a native of Canada and came to Britain to study at Goldsmith's College. Clare Qualmann studied at Winchester School of Art and at Liverpool. Susan Skingle studied at Liverpool and the Royal College of Art. The artists met in London where they have studios in the East End. Clare Qualmann and Susan Skingle work part-time in specialised Art and Design related posts in the Integrated Learning Resource Centre at London Metropolitan University.

The three artists share approaches to materials and processes. They have developed this project over three years, aiming to bring aspects of studio practice to the gallery. The research explores the aesthetics of the artists' working environments and similarities in their practices. The exhibition will show materials, tools, works in progress, drawings, notes, demonstrative videos and unfinished works alongside finished works.

The project is collaboration, not just a group show. The goal is to install a beautiful and stimulating exhibition, which also explores the specialist and idiosyncratic 'work' of studio practice. The intention is to 'demystify' and share the pleasure of materials, processes, labour and discovery and extend an invitation to the viewer to join in.

An exciting network of visual and intellectual links has emerged as the installation strategy for the exhibition has developed. Some of the results can be seen in the accompanying photographs. Research documentation will be presented as a publication and it is planned to propose the project to other venues.

The projected workshop programme, which is dependent on the success of a funding application to The Arts Council of England, seeks to explore these ideas more explicitly with children and young people.

London Metropolitan University