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Dipti Bhagat
Locating Design

Conference contribution

Locating Design 2005
Design History Society Annual Conference
London Metropolitan University

September 7 - 9, 2005

Academic Convenor

Locating Design website

I conceived of and convened/edited Locating Design, the Design History Society’s Annual International Conference, an event with 99 contributors edited into a three day, 33 strand event. I also commissioned 3 keynote addresses: Professor Leora Auslander, Professor Mark Kingwell, Professor Paul Carter.

Locating Design, like other outputs, drew on my commitments to inter-disciplinarity in Design History, drawing on cultural geography and post-colonial discourse. The conference addressed the co-constitutive relationship of design and place - as both material and imagined - as a complex that is affiliative and layered.

Delegates and keynote speakers considered "design" as object and process. Delegates and keynote speakers explored "place" as more than "landscape": for "place" in (post-colonial) global societies is rather, a complex interaction of the body, language/discourse, history and environment.

In disciplinary terms this conference enabled design history to engage with cultural geography to demonstrate the contingency of place and space on the meanings of material and visual culture; and a post-colonial design history to offer a global design history as well as a western design history as a hybrid product of the European experience of empire. In turn, such design histories sought to refresh often esoteric postcolonial discourse with empirical study, and inform cultural geography with more than a self-referential, illustrative address to visual and material culture.

Dipti Bhagat's conference address

Locating Design

This conference was supported by a British Academy Conference grant and sponsorship by Oxford University Press and HEA-ADM.

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