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Tomoko Azumi
10 Ten X


100% Design
Earls Court 2

September 9 - 24, 2006

work: Tinned Localities

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The design of this project seeks to raise the user's awareness on sustainability issues through the process of collection of everyday material and a poetic device, which offers the user a different view of their local surroundings. Tinned Localities is a kit including a small device like a camera obscura, through which the local landscape is viewed in a selected way.

10 Ten X was aimed at initiating a dialogue on sustainability, which tends to be avoided in design-based trade fairs. Ten London based designers had a series of discussions on sustainability issues, then designed and presented objects to express the "designer's approach" on sustainability.

The brief included the parameters of using found objects within a ten kilometer radius of the studio, and a maximum of £10 budget to transform the object.

Slideshow: Tomoko Azumi - Tinned Localities

This exhibition won Best Contribution To Show in Blueprint Magazine 100% Design, also Award for Excellence in Design and Sustainability, Sunday Times InsideOut Magazine.

The exhibition was featured in publications such as Blueprint, The World of Interiors, Photon (Japan) and I.D. (USA).

I.D. Magazine


Ten review in Blueprint Magazine

Research around the theme of sustainability was further extended in a follow-on exhibition, Ten Again in which Azumi showed Stamping Napkin Rings which enable the user to reuse a napkin multiple times, by stamping it with an individual sign of the owner.

Slideshow: Tomoko Azumi - Stamping Napkin Rings

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