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Assa Ashuach


Design Museum Tank

September 22 - 25, 2005

work: OMI MGX Light

Developed from earlier research such as 501 Chair, the OMI MGX project was part of the first exclusive mgx collection that used Rapid Manufacturing technology Selective Laser Sintering for final production. The design was first published within a solo exhibition at the Design Museum in 2005 and was subsequently disseminated widely internationally.

The research process exclusively utilised CAD CAM design and prototyping and developed from linear deconstruction of form, producing a shape both translucent and amorphic. Made entirely as a single nylon part, The OMI MGX light (manufactured by Materialise MGX) extends the use of polyamide nylon through design construction. Its form, together with the natural flexibility of the polyamide, creates the impression of a biological mechanism. The shape can be transformed by bending or twisting the structure - twist one end and the rest will follow. These behaviours offer versatility in that it can be personalized and manipulated easily to create different sculptural sensations and space moods.

This research project received the Red Dot award for Product Design and the Design Museum and Esmee Fairbairn Foundation Award in 2006. The work has subsequently been shown internationally at venues including the Hub, Twinkle Twinkle, Design Council and the Israeli Museum of Design.

read about the Design Museum and Esmee Fairbairn Foundation Award

Slideshow: Assa Ashuach - OMI MGX Light

"... Ashuach redefines both the form and function of everyday products and furniture, while developing a surreal new design aesthetic" (Alice Rawsthorn, 2005)


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Also featured in Form, April 2005; Thuis, 2005; Interior Design, August 2005; 100% Daily, September 23, 2005; MixResidence, September 2005; Surface, Autumn 2005; Interior Digest, 2005; Frame, November - December 2005 and Lifescapes, November 2005.

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