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Photograph by Hila Shaltiely

Assa Ashuach
Seatable Trousers and the 501 Chair


SIT? A Show of Contemporary Seating
Geffrye Museum, London

February 15 - August 29, 2005

work: 501 Chair, Seatable Trousers

This project saw the initiation of ongoing research parameters within the resolution of structural problems within furniture and the use of a cosmetic skin to articulate the aesthetic language of form. The research was disseminated to a peer audience at the exhibition SIT? A Show of Contemporary Seating, having previously been collected and published nationally and internationally.

Press release for Geffrye Museum exhibition

Photograph by Hila Shaltiely

The Seatable Trousers include a simple and light mechanical structure which fits within the trousers and enables the wearer to walk freely and sit without furniture where he wishes. The structure locks upon bending the knees, leaving the wearer supported and suspended.

Slideshow: Assa Ashuach - Seatable Trousers

(all images by Hila Shaltiely)

The shape and function of the 501 Chair is directly derived from the above, referencing 501 denim. It provides a flexible method of resting, between a sitting and standing position. The design is constructed by an outline modified to secure structural strength and visual definition.

Slideshow: Assa Ashuach - 501 Chair


Book: Sheila McGregor, New Art On View, Scala, 2006

Exhibition: Design Mart, Design Museum, London, January 14 - February 19, 2006

Permanent Display: Manchester Art Gallery

various galleries and museums throughout Europe and Asia

This work was purchased by the Contemporary Art Society in 2004. In 2003 the project was shortlisted for the Science Museum Products of the Future award and won the RCA Society and Thames & Hudson Art Book Prize . In 2004 it won the IDEE award.


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