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Susan Andrews
The Lois Project


Incheon Multiculture & Arts Center
Incheon, Korea

November 10 - December 30, 2007

work: Five photographs from The Lois Project

This first International Women Artists' Biennale has the aim of introducing to a Korean audience important women artists from the international community as well as Korean women artists who have been working actively overseas, in order to illuminate the value of women's art and women's roles in the fine arts and in society.

Images from The Lois Project are located in the main Exhibition, Knocking on the Door, where they are exhibited alongside work by 30 International artists including Frida Kahlo, Cindy Sherman, Kathy Kollowitz and Barbara Kruger.

visit the 2007 International Incheon Women Artists' Biennale website

The Lois project addresses the nature of photographic representations of children in contemporary society, with particular reference to the family album.

"Images of children rarely reveal the reality of childhood. Although the most popular commercial images of childhood today are photographs, adults do not see real children. Instead, these images exist to sell, to entertain, and to reinforce fantasies" (Libby Brooks, The Story of Childhood - Growing Up in Modern Britain - see below)

The project investigates the significance of images that depict the day-to-day experience of growing up and family relationships, rather than images of high days and holidays that reinforce the childhood fantasy. The nature of the work reflects my dual role as Lois' mother and her chronicler; photographs happen in the gaps between the scheduled significances and unexpected dramas of childhood. Lois participates in all image making and the work evolves, reflecting the growing-up of my subject.

Slideshow: Susan Andrews - The Lois Project

As well as being currently shown at the International Incheon Women Artists Biennale, photographs from The Lois Project have been exhibited at:

The John Kobal Photographic Portrait Award 1998 (Highly Commended), 1999, National Portrait gallery, London
John Kobal Photographic Portrait Award 2002: A Ten Year Celebration, Exhibition/Catalogue, 2002, National Portrait gallery, London
Schweppes Photographic Portrait Prize Exhibition / Catalogue, 2004, National Portrait gallery, London

There has also been a solo show featuring 70 portraits from The Lois Project at Gallery On, Korea in 2005.

Susan Andrews has spoken about The Lois Project on Woman's Hour, BBC Radio 4, 2005; Family Matters panel discussion, National Portrait Gallery, London, 2005 and on KMFm Radio, 2005.

The work also features in:
Sophie Spencer-Wood: Family: Photographers photograph their families, Phaidon Press, 2005 and in Libby Brooks: The Story of Childhood - Growing Up in Modern Britain, Bloomsbury, 2006

invitation card for solo show at Gallery On:

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