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Sir John Cass Department of Art, Media and Design


Summer Show Preview 2009

A chair upholstered in human hair, Jewellery inspired by the George Dubya shoe -throwing and, erm, a man with scissors up his nose... it can only be The Cass Summer Show.

The Cass is a hive of activity as students and staff work together to deliver a mammoth exhibition of work. We're delighted to offer a brief preview of some of the work that you will be able to see from June 10th.

On The Sublime


Dolores De Sade, BA(Hons) Fine Art

Foyer Gallery, Central House

Enter the unusual golf course landscapes evoked by Dolores' Zinc Etchings or enjoy her photographic 'toilet' triptych on the 3rd Floor.

"This work could be set anywhere. It describes an imagined and impossible space that can never be entirely visible. This imagination of another place creates an exotic Other that cannot be reached. The perceived need to understand such a place becomes more impossible with each imagining. However, the impetuous to imagine new places, new journeys, is not abated by the failure to ever really reach these places. It is as if the need to create the Other is the real desire. We are trapped in a game, the point of which is to negate its own point.

The pictures, stories and souvenirs that we bring back from these journeys can only ever be a record of the failure to reach the imagined destination, of the obscured vision with which each of us view the world and the distance between this and somebody else’s reality. And of the time spent in such undertakings."

Artist's body of work, Dolores De Sade

Human Behaviour


Eda Kirdag, 'Cut-Head', BA (Hons) Graphic Design

6th Floor Commercial Road

"Human behavior is the collection of behaviors exhibited by human beings and influenced by culture, attitudes, emotions, values, ethics, authority, rapport, hypnosis, persuasion, coercion and/or genetics".

The work on display in Human Behaviour consists of extracts and selections from the 3rd Year BA (Hons) Graphic Design Final Major Project [triple module] -where students are encouraged to write, research and carry out their own brief in order to create a ‘significant body of work’.

Most of the work relates - directly or indirectly - to aspects of ‘Human Behaviour’- how the human animal acts, thinks and operates in the world with graphic design - the manipulation of image, typography and sound - being one of the major mediums through which this interaction is expressed.

Themes include sexuality and film, Rimbaud’s poetry and religion, our complicity and resistance to consumer culture, dream-life and surrealism, dating and origami, Pseudo-Anglicisms, typography and the aesthetics of failure, how to tell a lie, virtual avatars, Concrete and Sound poetry, Urban Fairytales, vanishing points, ‘a highway code’ for pedestrians, the repetition of everyday life and much more besides.

These themes are explored through typography, print, motion-pieces, packaging, illustration, conceptual thinking and identity.

‘Those Shoes You’re In Today’


Rachel Terry, BA (Hons ) Silversmithing and Jewellery

Central House

Shoes as objects of protest catapulted into the headlines in December 2008 when the now famous Shiite Iraqi journalist, Muntazer al - Zaidi, threw shoes at President George Bush during a press conference in response to the thousands of Iraqi deaths caused by the 2003 US led invasion of Iraq. Throwing shoes is a deep insult in the Arab world. This story has been the catalyst of Those Shoes You’re In Today’.

Taking inspiration from the media shoe story, a range of disused and dilapidated shoes will be created using influences from the idiosyncratic behaviours of the people that may have owned the footwear. Through their distinctive marks, style and era, each shoe leads you to speculate about the story behind it, and the particular gait and activities of their owner.

‘What about those shoes you’re in today, they’ll do no good on the bridges you’ve burned along the way’. Jack Johnson.

Hair Chair


Amy Jameson, FdA Furniture Design

The Cass Gallery Commercial Road

Amy Jameson, who previously gave us the blood inspired 'Vessel' table delivers a chair upholstered with an unusual material- Human Hair, ethically sourced of course.

Movies and Sound

Showing this week in 5.1 surround sound, a selection of films by students on the BA (Hons) Music Technology (Sound for Media) course, including Deception, Blank, Red and Exchange.

Central House


ss09-red ss09-red2

Directed by Sandra Kazlauskaite, Maria Mysiak & Daniel Beck.

The story traces the inner world of a girl named ‘Red’ and follows her through a strange house and it's different rooms that she accidentally happened to appear in.
Each room represents a different world, their presence and exterior perspectives, haunting characters and disturbing acousmatic sounds underline a constant feeling of loss and sadness



Directed by Gabriel Peti, Ivan Onek, Navy Wollweber, Alexis Blondel, Miroslav Kulaga & Patrick Odur.

Alice, the protagonist of the story, is a research student persuading Lottie, her friend to take part in a flat-swap, not knowing of the psychological tension that this will create for her yet.



Directed by Eliza Roguska, Jack Everitt, Maximus Burnham, Mustafa Erozkal & Antonio Telmo.

A notorious liar going in circles.



Directed by Dimitrios Kipouros, Hugo Lopez, Andrew Perry, Tom Ross, Paul Bardsley.

The movie is a (futuristic) vision on how the government of a
capitalist society controls it's people with medical administration, managing political, economical and social factors. If you choose to stop accepting this medication, society will stop accepting you.

Watch Exchange on YouTube. Weirdly, not the same Exchange that's showing this week, but hey ho!



Anna Molla, BA (Hons) Design

Commercial Road

As part of the third year module Work Placement on BA Design, Anna’s internship was for a Special Effects company in Germany, where she learnt to use diverse modelling techniques and varying materials to recreate Special Effects, ‘…we were encouraged to participate in the actual creation of Special Effects's pieces and whenever idle to chose and execute a project of our own, I chose to develop my sculpting skills using special brown sculpting clay called TecCaly…’

The body of work was established around: Dragons - terrifying winged predators never existed in real life, but what if they had? Without using CGI special effects develop an artistic impression of these mythical beasts.

Ripping Stuff!


Stephanie Postbechild, BA (Hons) Design

Commercial Road

'Mask', a photo-manipulation piece originally intended to explore
'imperfections within plastic surgery’.

Challenging perceptions of Islam


Ahmet Barut, BA (Hons) Design

Commercial Road

The Misunderstood Religion of Islam an abrasive typographic journey that factually dispels the accumulated misunderstood religious beliefs.

Instruments of the Future



Ayumi Kubota, BSc (Hons) Music Technology (Audio Systems)

6th Floor Commercial Road

Enter a world of innovative and experimental music technology created by graduating BSc (Hons) Music Technology (Audio Systems) students.

See video Sonikube.

Feast of Films


BA (Hons) Film and Broadcast Production

Central House

On Preview Night only there will be a screening of drama and documentary productions by Film and Broadcast students including:

The Making of Robin

A spoof tale about student film makers.

The Tipping Point

A film focusing on an abusive relationship.


An examination of youth workers tackling knife crime.

Peace of Soul

A drama about a collector of souls.

Watch on YouTube:

A trailer for The Tipping Point
The film The Making of Robin

Download the Film & Broadcast Production Showcase brochure film-showcase-brochure

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