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RAE 2008

fine art


Ben Cain

BA (hons)Interactive Arts, Manchester Metropolitan University
MA, Jan van Eyck Akademie, Maastricht, NL

Member of the Future Art Board research group.

RAE Outcomes

Research interests
Production of installations, performances and printed matter that deal with the convergence of theatre and documentary information, with a particular interest in facilitating and highlighting the viewers’ role in the development of subject.

Keywords: agency, history, performance.

Short biography
Over the last ten years, research outputs have primarily included installations and events which have been presented in museums and galleries throughout Europe. On many of these occasions, the arrangement of text, audio and 3D space are conceived in accordance with one another, with a considerable emphasis on the immediate social and physical vicinity. Here, associations with mediated events such as film, theatre, the novel are appropriate to playing with fiction / non-fiction in relation to representation, acting / non-acting; artificial / non-artificial environments, and the apparent problem of distinguishing between real and imaginary.
Commissions and exhibitions have taken place at prestigious institutions such as MOMA in Ljubljana, Slovenia; MOMA in Zagreb, Croatia; the Puerto Rico Biennale; Netwerk, Brussels, and the Gessellsaft fur Aktualle Kunst, Bremen. Recently, my work has been written about in journals such as Art Monthly, Contemporary, Vecer, Slovenia, and Kontura, Croatia.
I am also regularly invited to give lectures on to my work at various Universities throughout England, and occasionally in Croatia.
In addition, I am regularly involved in theatre stage design for various prestigious institutions in Eastern Europe. This work often informs my research in the field of visual art.

Selected solo exhibitions

2007 - Untitled, Zoo Art Fair

2007 - No End to the Era, Associates Gallery, London

2007 - Every Time You Turn Your Back, Gallery Bukovac, Dubrovnik, Croatia

2007 - Tell Them Something, Architects Association, Zagreb, Croatia

2006 - Spies and Subjects, Notice Gallery (formerly the Museum of Installation), London

2005 - Public Art Commission from Zagreb Museum of Modern Art

2003 - Sirovina, Two Tina’s, Gallery Nova, Zagreb, Croatia

2003 - If Fiction Was, Glass Box Gallery, Manchester

Selected group exhibitions

2006 - Ground Lost, Forum Stdatparc, Graz, Austria

2006 - Oval Areas, University of Philadelphia, USA

2005 - Close Reading, Juliette Jongma Gallery, Amsterdam

2004 - Imagine Limerick, Limerick City Gallery, Ireland

2003 - Video screening of new work, The Millennium Film Workshop, New York

2002 - Commissioned installation, Jan van Eyck Academie, Maastricht, The Netherlands

2001 - Belgrade Cultural Centre, Belgrade, Yugoslavia

London Metropolitan University