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News and Events - December 2009

Cass Alumni show at major European Exhibition

Four 2009 alumni from The Cass (The Sir John Cass Department of Art, Media and Design) have been selected to show their work at ‘Design After School’ a major European showcase of graduate design work. Work by Gina Melosi, Clare O'Driscoll and Hsuan Ying Ho from the MA Jewellery Design course and Francesca Mancini from Foundation Degree in Furniture Design was displayed at the event in Rome from the 5th to the 15th December 2009.

Clare O’Driscoll displayed a pendant made from a piece of broken headlamp that she found, which is attached to gold plated silver using epoxy resin, and hung on fine gold chain. Talking about the work she said “I love working with notions of the everyday to create extraordinary pieces. Shiny stuff in the dirt, things that stand out against the pavements and the grey of London. These shards of red looked like jewels as you cycled past them. My work is informed by my background in sociology, as well as my ongoing fascination with observing social life in London, and the things that interest or surprise us as we negotiate our everyday lives in the city.”

Hsuan Ying Ho’s work is called DIY Jewellery engages with the audiences’ creativity and personality, encouraging them to bring out their own childhood experience when playing with the work. Hsaun commented, “I have always been interested in how people interact with works of art. Coming from a background in metalwork, I have always been creating pieces that offer interaction between the audiences and my design. These pieces can become a different shape each time they are seen by audiences.”

Francesca Mancini who is now completing a BA in Furniture and Product Design will show two pieces of work including her dining table, "Double T". This is a two-side table (flat-pack), with each side being a different colour. The legs and the table-top can be turned and re-screwed in the same position with more than 6 combinations. Francesca got inspiration from electronics boards, as the joints of the legs are in fact an electronic path.


Francesca Mancini's 'Double T Table'

Finally, Gina Melosi produced a piece of body jewellery called ‘Blade Bracelet’, a wrist piercing made from palladium plated
sterling silver and bloodstone.

Gina Melosi's ‘Blade Bracelet’

Talking about the work Gina said "The 'Blade Bracelet' comes from my most recent body of work "ACTIONS speak louder than words: jewellery art which punctuates the skin border." Thisbody of research is concerned with the influence of body modification within contemporary jewellery design. I created three groups of jewellery objects (from glass, wax, and metal) which suggest a need for expressing how humans externalise rituals upon their bodies, often permanently. In the Body Jewellery series each piece directly invades the skin. The series includes five pieces or “Self Objects”: a flesh-hook pendant, a drawing pin brooch, a tattoo earring(s), stapling rings, and a blade bracelet. I concentrated on these five areas because these are the most common areas within our culture to put jewellery on the body. However, my pieces go through the body; they are not just worn topically."

The exhibition, whose theme is “European Creativity”, is focused on the start of the “professional journey” of young designers (of 35 and under) coming from the European Schools. From product to digital media, the designer is shown to be a key profession to improve economy and production and to answer to the social need of innovation, usability and sustainability. Their work will also feature in a book that collects the best products and projects. The event is organized in collaboration with the most important European design schools and the professional associations, and is scheduled within the calendar of European Year of Creativity and Innovation – EYCI to report all the creative design experiences which have been developed in collaboration with Universities, Companies and Design Institutions.

December 15, 2009

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