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Chris Jennings


UH Art and Design Gallery
University of Hertfordshire

June 25 - July 7, 2007

work: Equus Caballus: a matter of kind/a matter of degree - Five paintings, two texts
Skull - Three drawings, pencil on paper

From the gallery wall-text ...
"There is no link that could move from the visible to the statement, or from the statement to the visible. But there is a continual relinking which takes place over the irrational break or crack." (Deleuze, Foucault)

This exhibition is an extension of the Experiential Knowledge Conference 2007, providing a space for conference themes to be addressed through art, craft, design, performance, and audio works. It responds to a questioning of the common assumption that the written and spoken words are the only or best media for academic debate in the arts to be conducted.
The exhibition explores ‘description’ as a relational factor between different forms of representation, enabling comparison between descriptions in different media. ‘Description’ may be understood in the widest possible sense, as a function of text, image, sound, performance and other media for representation and communication.
Presenting juxtapositions of descriptions in different media, the works explore the roles of different media and rules of practice in representation and, in particular, raise questions of the presentation of (new) knowledge and/or understanding across media.

The sets of my work in the exhibition deal with the depiction through an intense material inscription (the visual work), of the coming together and recording of specific objects at specific moments (or duration of time) constituting a "state of affairs":

Equus Caballus: a matter of kind / a matter of degree - Five paintings; two texts.

The central painting was made from direct observation. On the left side the paintings deal with representation through mass. On the right side there is a linear representation. Both sets look at distinct modes of representation and the "holding" or "sustaining" of the image despite a sequential paring down.

Skull - Three drawings from a series. Pencil on paper.

A work functioning in much the same way as Equus Caballus experimenting with technical means of representation. A drawing of the skull from direct observation with two flanking drawings dealing with a) mass and b) the interior spaces of the skull, both becoming increasingly spare but intense and pushing at the retention of the skull’s identity.

Slideshow: Chris Jennings - Descriptions

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