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'Media studies, the new universities and the cutting edge'

The 4th 'Nonverbal arts; verbal discourses' one-day conference

17 May 2006 at London Metropolitan University


John Beynon (Glamorgan)
Ros Brunt (Sheffield Hallam)
Dorothy Hobson (Wolverhampton)
Wendy Wheeler (London Metropolitan)

The conference asked:

Has British media studies been stagnating in recent years?
Has it lost its cutting edge?
Is this a result of its incorporation into the old universities?
Has the RAE had an effect on the matter?
What was the role of the polys (later, the new universities) in maintaining the cutting edge of communication, media and cultural studies from the late seventies to the early nineties?
Can the new universities regain ground that they might have lost in this subject area?
Why might media studies in the new universities be particularly relevant for a diverse student body?
Do these institutions offer greater representation, access and a relation of media theory to everyday life?
What does the future hold for communication, media and cultural studies in this sector?

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