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Annual 'Nonverbal arts; verbal discourses' conference

A sub-group of the Communications and Subjectivity Research Group also organises the 'Nonverbal arts; verbal discourses' conference, held annually at London Metropolitan University since 2003.
Conference aims

In the current educational climate subjects concerned with the practice of arts - fine art, architecture, design, silversmithing, jewellery - are very much at the crossroads. For practitioners who exhibit there is an increased need for verbal reflection upon creative work. This is integral to the assessment of arts research (and the future of research in the area even if a further RAE does not materialise). It is also integral to other pressing projects such as art departments' development of means to assess 'practice-based research'.
Some practitioners harbour the usual set of resistances towards discourse on their creative work; others see creative work itself as somehow bound up with epistemology in its ability to facilitate expression which is different from 'language'; others, still, see 'language' as some kind of tyranny; and yet others have no problem in employing verbal discourse in conjunction with nonverbal arts.
'Nonverbal arts; verbal discourses' is a one-day conference which will introduce a more focused and academic understanding of these dilemmas. The conference aims to address the issues of creative practice and language in a way which is relevant to the current climate of academic research and its administration in this country but which is not constrained by it.
The conference is aimed at the following audiences: staff and students of art, design and music; staff in cognate areas (e.g. architecture); academics in related academic areas (e.g. communications, cultural studies); the general interested public.
This year it was entitled...

Digital Domestic Photography
16 May 2007

London Metropolitan University
Room 514, First floor, 41 Commercial Road, London E1 1LA

9-45 - 10-00 Welcome -Nick Haeffner, SJCDAMD

10-00 -11-15 'Digital domestic photography and the transient image' - Stephen Bull (University of Portsmouth)

11-45 - 13-00 ‘"Unorthodox Practices": Multimedia advocacy with digital cameras and people with learning disabilities’ - Andy Minnion (Rix Centre)

13-00 -14-15 Lunch at Café Naz, Brick Lane

14-15 - 15-30 `Communicative ecologies': Digital photographic futures in various places - Don Slater (London School of Economics)

15-45 - 17-00 Panel: ‘Digital literacy or digital democracy

Past 'Nonverbal arts; verbal discourses' conferences...

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2005 Conference 'The creative mind'

2004 Conference 'The necessity of artspeak'

2003 Conference 'Nonverbal arts; verbal discourses'

London Metropolitan University