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RAE 2008

Rearch Assessment Exercise 2008

Alexander Wendt

Research Outcomes

Outcome 1 - 108 Pieces Demolition
This interactive sound installation for audience and performer consisted of a multi-channel sound installation and a miniature building-site - an interdisciplinary playground, producing a multi-layered experience.
108 Pieces connects such ideas as John Cage’s 4'33" with concepts of random composition. It takes randomly created sounds as source material for further modification and re-combination, to become a composition - music of chance going through processes commonly used in the electro-acoustic genre - a tamed and treated randomness.
The installation provides space for performers and audience alike: space to play, to explore sonically as well as physically, and actively shape the outcome and compose a piece of art as it appears before one’s own ears and eyes. It stimulates a learning curve of interaction.


Outcome 2 - L.A. Arcades & Liverpool Circles
The Field recordings L.A. Arcades, and the composition Liverpool Circles, were published on CD alongside works by Marc Behrens, Kalabris and others and accompanied the AA FILES 53, the Journal of The Architectural Association School Of Architecture in 2006.
Further field recordings of mine have been published/broadcast or distributed by Touch Radio as part of their Summer Dawn Chorus collection, by ResonanceFM, by Last.FM, and the Fabulat online project in Norway. Currently I am assembling an album called Studio Recordings, which will present a collection of field recordings that I made from my studio in Greenwich. One of these recordings has already been featured alongside tracks by Akira Kosemura, Christophe Bailleau, Yannick Daubyon and others on the compilation Classifield, a net-release curated by Jean-François Flamey and the Belgium Cartepostal imprint.


Outcome 3 - Seize
Wendt has composed sound design for films by the Dance on Screen Award winning Italian director, Gianluca Bonomo.
Seize and Settlement 04 have been run at festivals in the UK and abroad. In addition, an interview about Wendt's film-sound design work and collaboration with Matt Rösner was video-recorded and projected as part of a Bonomo-showcase at the Contemporary Dance Festival in Bologna, 2007 and at Art Basel, 2006.


Outcome 4 - a-Cycles
a-Cycles was a research project into the field of psycho-acoustics, specifically, the benefit of the use of "non-audible" sound design in the exhibition space.
The research was a collaborative project with Gregory Byatt, practitioner of sound-therapy and alternative health treatment and FeONICS - the manufacturer of electro-magnetic transducer technnology. A project report and video document has been published by Liverpool University Press, titled Research - The Itemisation of Creative Knowledge and was accompanied by a DVD featuring film, motion graphics and some of Wendt's compositions.
a-Cycles was presented at the Diffraction conference Liverpool 2006


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