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On the Fringe
Kaye Newman & Janette Harris

Reserach Update
The first presentation of completed research was delivered to our research team on the 5th of December 2006.

The presentation looked at many micro-environments, ranging from igloos to antigravity space modules, moving on to investigate multifunctional environments, such as places to rest and work.

We also took a tour of the local area and photographically surveyed the streets, parks and buildings, looking at available spaces and voids, where we may put our ideas into context.

With the help to the research teams’ comments, we are now able to progress and select both the functionality and needs for our micro-environment. We will look at temporary space for people rest and work, within. The accommodation will be flexible, and might have a sense of being open or closed, used or unused.

Maybe a good scenario, for our project, would be the 2012 Olympics. A vast number of people will need accommodation, in a short and concentrated time. This research, therefore, may lead on to providing ideas for other emergency situations, commercial, hotel and office style spaces, giving the solution more permanence.

The next step is to research materials, and membranes, which will allow our environment to have a moveable and flexible structure, and provide a healthy ambience, attending to the psychological needs of people inhabitating such a small environment.

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Kaye Newman

London Metropolitan University