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communications and media


Jon Baldwin

BA (Hons), MA.

Lecturer in communications.

Communication Research Methods; Advertising.

Research Interests
The politics and ethics of exchange in culture; the gift and the commodity; the philosophy and ethics of communications and cultural studies; science fiction cinema; continental philosophy; ecocriticism, subjectivity.

Journal articles

‘The Ethical Subject? Pierre Bourdieu and the gift’ Subject Matters 1 (1): 47-65 (2004; ISSN 1742-3775)

‘Beyond bodies, culture and language: an introduction to Alain Badiou’ Subject Matters 1 (2): 1-26 (2004; ISSN 1742-3775)

‘Don’t worry, be happy: on "Ethics as a figure of nihilism"’ Subject Matters 1 (2): 21-36 (2004; ISSN 1742-3775)

‘Fault lines: Simon Critchley in discussion on Alain Badiou’ Edited with an introduction and conclusion by Jon Baldwin and Nick Haeffner Polygraph 16: 295-307 (2005; ISSN: 1533-9793)

‘Exchange and Subjectivity: commodity and gift’ Semiotica (expected publication 2008)

Review articles

‘Other Bother: The Alien in Science Fiction Cinema’ Film-Philosophy 7 (20): unpg (2003; ISSN 1466-4615)

‘Have you taken your Rorschach test?: The Matrix and philosophy’ Film-Philosophy 9 (25): unpg (2005; ISSN 1466-4615)

Book Reviews

‘Review of Jean Baudrillard, Passwords’ International Journal of Baudrillard Studies 1 (2) (2004; ISSN 1705-6411)

‘Review of Benjamin Noys, The Culture of Death’ Subject Matters 2 (2) (2005; ISSN 1742-3775)

‘Review of Jane Arthurs and Iain Grant (eds.) Crash Cultures - Modernity, Mediation and the Material’ Scope: an online journal of film studies 1 (1) (2005; ISSN 1465-9166)

‘Review of Annalee R. Ward, Mouse Morality -- The Rhetoric of Disney Animated Film’ Scope: an online journal of film studies 1 (1) (2005; ISSN 1465-9166)

‘Review of Tim Root, Love, Empowerment and Social Justice: Personal Relationships and Citizen Action’ Soundings - A Journal of Politics and Culture (32) (2006; ISSN 1362-6620)

‘Review of Karen Sykes, Arguing with Anthropology - an introduction to critical theories of the gift’ International Journal of Baudrillard Studies 4 (1) (2007; ISSN 1705-6411)

Journal editorship

Co-editor, Subject Matters (ISSN 1742-3775; 2004-present)

Co-editor, Film-Philosophy (ISSN 1466-4615; 2005-present)

Conference organization

‘Badiou’s Ethics and Subjectivity’ conference, London Metropolitan University, December 2003 (featuring Simon Critchley and Andrew Gibson)

London Metropolitan University