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RAE 2008

Sir John Cass Department of Art, Media and Design


On the Fringe
Janette Harris

The research is to investigate how textiles and new technologies can be combined to create membrane and interior finishes for microenvironments. The structures experienced and viewed by the public should reflect the designers’ intent and understanding of the ideologies of those who reside, work and visit each space. The designer’s ideal is to investigate how to nestle structure, temporarily or permanently, in high spaces or onto a surface, other than the ground. Thus creating havens of environmentally friendly, sustainable and energy efficient environments, while fulfilling the physical and psychological needs of the individual.

The structures could span, bridge or fill previously unrecognised space to provide temporary shelter or work space, linking the City, the East End, Canary Warf and beyond. This will lead to research on how the public may benefit from a new perspective of living, giving previously unseen views of their location, enriching and enhancing their overall experience, which could give rise to a resurgence of the living bridge.

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