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RAE 2008

communications and media


Dr Nick Haeffner

BA (hons) Cultural Studies, MA Critical Theory, PhD Media and Cultural Studies

Senior lecturer in Communications

RAE Outcomes


Introduction to Digital Communications, New Media, Media Methodologies, Specialist Practice, American Cinema, Photography in the Media, Research Methods (MA), Critical Practice (MA), PhD supervision (theory and practice based PhDs), History of Art and Critical Theory (MA).

Research interests

Alfred Hitchcock, contemporary photographic practice, contemporary British cinema, film and new media theory.


RePossessed (co-curated with Chris Lane, Tony Cryer, Souli Spiropoulou, Anne Robinson, Che Guevara John, Richard Stevens and David Raybould).
RePossessed is a travelling new media exhibition featuring short films, interactive games and new software for re-editing DVDs inspired by Alfred Hitchcock’s film Vertigo. RePossessed has so far been exhibited at Leeds Metropolitan University (2006) and Watermans (2007).

Exhibition of photographs in group show at East London Photo-Open, Mile End Arts Pavillion, 2nd-27th October 2007.

Exhibition of photographs in group show at East London Photo-Open, Truman Brewery, Brick Lane, 30th October – 9th November 2008.

Multi-media installation at Pick’n’mix, group show at Woolworths, Leytonstone June 27th-July 19th 2009.

5 Photographs selected for 21st London Independent Photography exhibition, 19th - 31st October 2009. Published in LIP exhibition catalogue and on The Independent online edition website.


Alfred Hitchcock (Pearson 2005) ISBN 0-582-43738-5

Michael Winterbottom and Revolution Films (Peter Lang, forthcoming)

Journal articles

‘Chariots of Fire: Ushering in the Eighties’ in Sussex University Research Papers in Media and Cultural Studies: British Cinema and National Identity, May 1995

‘Image and Identity in Metropolitan Sexual Subcultures’ in Diatribe (Journal from the Centre for the Study of Language and Cultural Theory, Southampton University) 1 (4) 63-74 (1994/5 ISSN 1352-4828)

‘Introduction’ to Subject Matters: A Journal of Communications and Subjectivity, 1 (1) 1-8 (2003 ISSN 1742-3775)

‘Enlightenment and Post-Enlightenment Subjectivity’ in Subject Matters 1(1) 9-28 (2003 ISSN 1742-3775)

‘The Ethics of Truth’ in Subject Matters 1 (2) 37-46 (2004 ISSN 1742-3775)

Edited with Jon Baldwin: ‘Faultlines: Simon Critchley in Discussion on Alain Badiou’ in Polygraph: An International Journal of Culture and Politics 1 (17) 295-307 (2005 ISSN 1533-9793)

‘Introduction’ in Subject Matters: Special Edition: Badiou and Subjectivity 2 (1) 1-4 (2005 ISSN 1742-3775)

‘Afterword’ in Subject Matters, Vol.2, No.1, Winter 2005, Special Edition: Badiou and Subjectivity 2 (1) 85-90 (2005 ISSN 1742-3775)

Vertigo and RePossessed’ in Vertigo 3 (3) 24-27 (2006 ISSN 0968-7904)

‘From Auteurs to Digital Amateurs: Exploring Vertigo, New Media and Gender Controversies with RePossessed’ in RePossessed exhibition catalogue, October 2006.

'Fear Itself: Towards a post-psychoanalytic approach to cinematic anxiety' translated into Greek and published in The Scarecrow: Fear in Art and Life, Evangelos Averoff Museum 118-128 (2007) ISBN 978-960-7694-17-1

‘In this (mediated) World: realism, dialogue and pedagogy in media studies’ International Journal of Applied Semiotics Autumn 2007, vol. 6, no. 1, pp 65-78.

(With Chris Lane) ‘Television On: Interactivity and the Future of the Image’, an interview with John Wyver in Vertigo, Volume 3, Number 7, Autumn 2007.

‘What’s Wrong with the Primacy of Theory’, Journal of Visual Art Practice, November 2008, vol. 7, issue 2, pp 173-189.

(With Paul Cobley) ‘Digital Cameras and Domestic Photography: Communication, Agency and Structure’ in Visual Communication, vol. 8, no. 2, pp. 123-146.

Articles in books

‘Narrative supplements: DVD and the idea of the "text"’ (written with Paul Cobley), chapter for New Narratives: Theory and Practice edited by Bronwen Thomas and Ruth Page for publication by University of Nebraska Press in 2010.

'Hitchcock and Crime', chapter in Blackwell Companion to Crime Fiction, edited by Lee Horsley and Charles Rzpacka. Blackwell 2010 (ISBN 978-1-4051-6765-9).

‘Digital Photography and Photoshop’, chapter for New Media: An Introduction, edited by Chris Lane and Elena Moschini, to be published by Pearson in 2010.

Journal editorship

Co-founder of the journal, Subject Matters: A Journal of Communications and Subjectivity with Paul Cobley, Jon Baldwin and Wendy Wheeler. (ISSN 1742-3775; 2004-present).

Editorial board member of Vertigo magazine 2008-2010. Curator of Showcase section of Vertigo website (for practice based research) 2009-2010.

Conference presentations

‘Aesthetics and Politics in Two Transnational Films’ presented at MeCCSA, 5th January 2005, at Staffordshire University.

‘The Truth in Lilya 4-ever’ paper presented to the International Summer School for Semiotic and Structural Studies, June 9 -19, 2005, in Imatra, Finland.

‘The Consumer Boom in Digital Cameras: Digital Literacy and/or Digital Democracy?’, presented at Innovationen und Reproduktionen in Kulturen und Gesellschaft, Vienna, December 2005.

‘Hitchcock’s Heroic Satans’, presented at the Southwest and Texas Association for American Popular Culture in Albuquerque, New Mexico, February 2006.

‘Biosemiotics and Cinematic Realism’ (with Paul Cobley) presented at Media Change and Social Theory (organised by the Centre for Research in Social Change) at St Hugh’s College, Oxford 6th-8th September 2006.

‘Three interactive artworks from RePossessed’ (with Chris Lane, Tony Cryer, Che Guevara John and Souli Spiropoulou) presented at Mindplay, Queen Mary College, 11th September 2006.

‘Understanding, Misunderstanding, Charity: On pedagogy and the theory/practice divide in media studies’, presented at the International Summer School for Semiotic and Structural Studies, 14-17th June, 2007, in Imatra, Finland.

‘Presentation of DVD player/text commentary software’ paper presented with Chris Lane, British Universities Film and Video Council annual Learning on Screen conference, York University, 18th and 19th March 2008.

‘What’s wrong with the theory/practice model in media studies’, paper presented at Negotiating the Mediascape: Theory and Practice Interchange in Contemporary Media at Canterbury Christ Church College, 2nd May 2008.

Invited talks

‘Alfred Hitchcock’ presented at Kent Screen, 27th November 2005

‘Fear Itself: Towards a post-psychoanalytic theory of cinematic anxiety’ presented at The Scarecrow in Art and Life in Metsovo, Greece on 30th June – 2nd July 2006 on the opening of the multiform art production organised by the Averoff Museum of Modern Greek Art under the general title ‘Scarecrow’.

‘The Spoto Myth’ presented at Leeds Metropolitan Gallery, 8th November 2006.

‘Nation versus subculture: Centre and periphery in Morvern Callar and Trainspotting’ presented at Culture Gate conference, Black Nights Film Festival, Tallinn, Estonia, 6th December 2006.

‘RePossessed and Vertigo’, curators talk given at Watermans Arts Centre, 14th April 2007.

‘RePossessed: an Interdisciplinary and Interactive Enquiry into Ownership and Authorship’, presented with Chris Lane at Bristol University 10th May 2007 at the invitation of Jon Dovey, reader in Theatre, Film and TV.

‘Agent Provocateur: the Films of Michael Winterbottom’, invited talk given at Watermans Arts Centre, Brentford, 18th October 2007.

‘Themes in Hitchcock’, invited talk at Hillsdale College, Michigan USA, 2nd-7th March 2008.

‘After the great divide’, paper presented at Sussex University Media Studies seminar series, 16th January 2008.

‘Critical practice based research’, paper presented at ‘ARTwork, CRITIQUE work: some conjugations’, symposium at Chelsea College of Art and Design, 30th April 2008.

Introduction to Alfred Hitchcock’s Murder! at the National Film Theatre, 11th February 2010.

‘Photographing Modern Ruins’, talk at Pages bookshop in Hackney, 4th February 2010.

Queen Mary College Annual Hitchcock lecture, to be given on 21st October 2010.

Research supervision

PhD student supervised to successful completion (2004): Sibel Celik: ‘Master of the House: Representations of the Father in Recent Turkish-German Cinema’.

As Director of Studies:

Ilona Goldmane (‘Shakespeare Now: Exploring the Synergy of Communication Channels and the Concept of Intersemiotic Translations in Hamlet Films’).

Emmanouil Kanellos: ‘The Grammar of the Digital Moving Image’ (practice led PhD).

Kate Buxey: ‘Stranger than Fiction: Cinematic Truth in Theory and Practice’ (practice led PhD).

Souli Spiropoulou: ‘Reframing Gender’ (practice led PhD) Anne Robinson: ‘The Elusive Digital Frame and the Elasticity of Time in Painting’ (Practice led PhD).

Pamela White: ‘Systems of Acknowledgement in Film and Art’.

Andrew Gray: ‘Embodied Practice: the Embodied Nature of Reflection-in-action'.

Paul St George: ‘An investigation into the aesthetic codes and strategies used within visual art to represent and construct space, time and movement’.

London Metropolitan University