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RAE 2008

Sir John Cass Department of Art, Media and Design

summershow08-installation Installtion by Paul Good

summershow08-foundation Sculpture by Laura Ter Kuile

summershow08-musical The Grand Piano Team

summershow08-democracy Democracy!

A sneak preview of a handful of students and their work showing at this year’s Summer Show.

Tube Map Shelving

W ork by third year BA Furniture and Product Design student Amos Field Read gives new form and function to Harry Beck’s celebrated design classic, the London Underground Map. The iconic design has found a new life as a unique, stylish and versatile storage solution for the hallways of compact metropolitan homes.

Untitled, Sellotape, 2008

Paul Good, graduating from BA(Hons) Fine Art, has used hundreds of rolls of cello tape to create a living installation where the tape gradually unravels under the fluorescent lights of the gallery, taking on a life of it’s own and dividing the space as it extends itself.

The Foundation Show

W ork by students on the Foundation Year is diverse and exciting and often surreal- and is a show in it’s own right. Laura Ter Kuile’s Dali-esque latex cutlery floats and melts, while Lejun Villojane’s tapioca man appears to disintegrate onto the studio floor. Rachel Boston believes her ‘steam punk’ jewellery will be the next big thing, while Leone Greene glamourises household cleaning products. The Intricate photo-reralsitic drawings by by Jemma Bryan and Nikola Jandra’s vibrant print’s are also eye catching elements of this year’s show.

Grand Piano Team

A four strong team from the Musical Instruments course have built a Grand Piano in one year, smashing the two-year record set by previous students. Gideaon Elliott, Julie Bell, and Anne Burton who are studying BA Musical Instruments, and Simon Bird studying a Foundation Degree in Musical instruments have learned the instrument inside out and all have full time positions as technicians and tuners to enter after they complete the course.

Angus Simpson, Cabinet Maker

Simon Kingston, MA Design Research for Disability has designed a powered scooter that could change the way we think about local travel. He says,
"Powered scooters are currently aimed at the elderly or people with poor mobility. This scooter is aimed at a more inclusive market, and could be used as an alternative to unnecessary short car journeys for example, in built up congested areas."
The design includes luggage compartments at the front and a detachable travel case attached to the seat will be included to supply the user with optimum carriage and storage facilities. This work was created on a unique course where medical professionals and artists train together to create inclusive designs.

Restored to former glory

The Summer Show is about more than the ‘new’. Restoration and Conservation and Furniture Restoration students will be showing the fruits of many hours in the studios and laboratories preserving and restoring artefacts to their former glory. Anita Garner has restored a stool from 1720 using 18th century techniques and faced the ethical dilemma of removing gilding added in about 1820. Clive Flower has restored a 19th Century Chinese export lacquer cabinet, which was severely cracked.


The work on display in Democracy! consists of extracts and selections from the 3rd Year BA Hons Graphic Design Final Major Project - where students are encouraged to write, research and carry out their own brief in order to create a ‘significant body of work’. The work relates - directly or indirectly - to aspects of Democracy! -the right to individual expression. With recent ‘non’-elections, London Mayoral elections, the situation in Zimbabwe, issues over the Chinese-hosted Olympics, the long-running battle for the Democratic nomination in the USA and, pertinently, with the 40th anniversary of May’68 - the issue of democracy seems particularly prominent this year. Collectively then, these projects constitute a snapshot of the ‘democratic body politic', a visual/textual/sonic snapshot of the state of "democracy" and democratic debate. Please exercise your own democratic right to comment on the show in general by filling in a ‘polling card' and putting it in the ballot-boxes available.

Not Just a Game... Film student suffers for his art

Graduating Fim maker Matt Hastings explains how he suffered for his art,
"When making our final film we decided to do a documentary on Airsoft similar to paintball but players are obsessed with guns. To make an interesting documentary I knew we had to get close to the players to get them to open up to us. I ended up being shot with a grenade that fired 180 plastic ball bearings that fly at 328 feet per second and hurt like hell when hit. This was a sort of an initiation process to sort of become one of them. After this the three players opened up to the crew and were very helpful. This event actually appeared in the final cut of the film."
Matt was the editor for this film and spent many hours in the edit trying to solve problems with structure and narrative and was very proud with the final cut.

Full Film and Broadcast Production showcase schedule can be downloaded PDF here

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