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The current number of Subject Matters is the first of a two-part Special Issue on the work of the French philosopher, Alain Badiou. This first part of the special issue - volume 1, number 2 - is devoted to Badiou’s book Ethics: An Essay on the Understanding of Evil. The second part - volume 2, number 1 of Subject Matters ranges more widely across Badiou’s work. In the main, the second part will contain contributions which are based on the conference entitled ‘Badiou’s Ethics and subjectivity’ held in the Sir John Cass Department of Art Media and Design at London Metropolitan University in December 2003. The conference featured papers by Jason Barker, Simon Critchley, Andrew Gibson, Adrian Kears and Nina Power.

Why might it be fortuitous to devote a double issue to Badiou at this stage? [Read more]